UFC 155: 4 Questions We Have About Junior Dos Santos

Matthew Ryder@@matthewjryderFeatured ColumnistDecember 29, 2012

UFC 155: 4 Questions We Have About Junior Dos Santos

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    Junior dos Santos will go to war with Cain Velasquez for the second time in 13 months at UFC 155 on Saturday night, having defended his heavyweight title once since their first meeting.

    He has proved to be a formidable force as both a challenger and champion, but there are still questions that people have going into the fight on Saturday night.

    Let's consider those questions...

Can He Keep It Standing?

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    It's the $64,000 question every time a striker faces a grappler, but it's even more notable when a guy of dos Santos' level is fighting a guy of Velasquez's level.

    Can dos Santos keep it standing?

    There's no reason to think that he can't—he's been almost impossible to take down in his UFC career. Neither Frank Mir nor Shane Carwin could keep him down for long.

    But a motivated, nasty Cain Velasquez is a different animal, and it is smart to wonder how successful the champ will be at staying upright.

Can He Wrestle?

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    While all the talk about this fight has centered around the champion's takedown defense, maybe the question should be: Can he wrestle?

    Not even to the level of Velasquez, who has a lifetime of wrestling behind him and is among the best in world, but just to a level adequate enough to keep things interesting.

    There has to be a real fear that if Cain takes him down, it's going to be a very painful, very bloody and probably very short night for him.

    The ability to scramble after losing a takedown battle, make space and get back upright could be just as important as stopping the takedowns from happening at all.

Can He Do It Again?

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    Going into the first meeting, most people raved about the chin of Cain Velasquez, and while it was a shot behind the ear that dropped him there is still a proven chink in his armor now.

    Junior dos Santos was the man to expose it, and obviously people have to wonder if he can do it again.

    Can he connect behind the ear and wobble the challenger?

    If he comes down the middle and lands flush, will it be enough to stop a charging Velasquez? Will he even get the chance if Velasquez's wrestling and top game are on?

    There are a lot of reasons to be excited about finding out.

Who Is After Cain Velasquez?

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    Regardless of the outcome on Saturday, the train of Junior dos Santos will continue down its tracks.

    So who will be next for him?

    With a win, it's 100 percent Alistair Overeem. The two hate each other, and there's money to be made off of the white-knight champion against the black-hat challenger.

    What if he loses?

    You'd have to think dos Santos would still be in the mix given how thin the division is and how far ahead of the curve he is compared to most other contenders. He might see Antonio Silva across the cage from him or maybe even a rematch against Roy Nelson.

    That's all speculation, though. He has the biggest fight of his life coming up at UFC 155, and that's all he or anyone else needs to be interested in right now.