Tim Tebow: Misused Jets Quarterback Destined for Turnaround in 2013

Stephen SheehanCorrespondent IDecember 26, 2012

Tim Tebow should pray for a new home in 2013.
Tim Tebow should pray for a new home in 2013.Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The new year couldn't arrive sooner for Tim Tebow

2012 was a forgettable one for Tebow on the field, but an infamous one in terms of his misuse and flat out disrespect by the New York Jets

Both Tebow and his faithful followers were led down a path of deceit that has ultimately resulted in the normally placid backup reportedly asking for his removal from the Wildcat package after being passed up by Greg McElroy for the starting spot.

No player is a lightning rod for both criticism and praise like Tebow; his fans revere him for his honesty, work ethic and flashes of brilliance while his harshest critics claim he has no place on an NFL field. 

After the Jets debacle, we're no closer to discovering the truth about Tebow as a player. 

We never had the chance. 

But for as disappointing as 2012 was, 2013 holds significant promise for a player who, just a year ago, magically turned around the Denver Broncos' season and upset the Pittsburgh Steelers in the opening round of the playoffs. 

For a player who has endured adversity throughout his football career, the prospect of playing for his hometown Jacksonville Jaguars next season would be a godsend for the former Heisman Trophy winner and two-time national champion. 

In Jacksonville, Tebow wouldn't necessarily be playing with a great supporting cast. Outside of Justin Blackmon and Cecil Shorts, the Jaguars have next to nothing at receiver. Maurice Jones-Drew's health is a big question (not to mention the tread on his tires), and Marcedes Lewis is wrapping up his third straight season in which his yards-per-catch mark has declined. 

What Tebow would have in Jacksonville would be the overwhelming support of a fanbase desperate for a face of the franchise, a creative owner in Shahid Khan and a fresh start to revive his career. The Jags may have invested a first-round pick in Blaine Gabbert just two years ago, but the former Missouri Tiger appears much closer to being another Jaguars draft bust rather than a savior. 

Gabbert's career may not be salvageable at this point—his inaccuracy and poor pocket presence spell impending doom for the former 10th-overall pick—but Tebow's turnaround is just around the corner. 

Playing in front of his family, friends and most avid fans would be uplifting for a guy who couldn't seem to find a single supporter in New York. It seemed no matter if he bit the bullet and said all the right things, or if he finally realized his worth and asked out of the Wildcat, he was wrong. 

What we do know about Tebow is that he has an unparalleled work ethic and has shown a willingness to do anything he's asked by his team, including gaining weight for the Jets' fearsome Wildcat package. All he needs is a franchise that backs him and puts him in the right situation to win—something he just didn't get from Rex Ryan and the Jets in 2012.

Whether he's completing passes to Blackmon in Jacksonville, DeSean Jackson in Philadelphia or even Percy Harvin in Minnesota, Tebow will have much more to smile about in 2013. 

That's about the only thing he can thank the Jets for.