Why Peyton Manning Wore a Glove Against the Browns on Sunday

Jon HeathContributor IDecember 26, 2012

(US Presswire/USA Today Images)
(US Presswire/USA Today Images)

When the Broncos (12-3) defeated the Cleveland Browns (5-10) on Sunday afternoon, Denver quarterback Peyton Manning wore a glove on his right throwing hand—causing some alarm in Broncos Country.

Relax, Peyton was merely thinking ahead.

"I’ve been practicing with it throughout my career at different times," Manning told reporters after the game on Sunday, according to the team's PR department.  "I’ve been practicing in it these past few weeks."

Manning is preparing himself for colder games down the road in January.  A possible trip to Foxborough and Denver's low winter temperatures could mean chilly playoff conditions and Manning wants to adjust for such conditions now.

By forcing himself to wear a glove on his throwing hand when it is unnecessary, Manning avoids the possibility of being thrown off in the postseason in the case of cold weather which would prompt him to sport handwear.

"I was just wearing a glove," said Manning, who plans out every detail and dissects every possible bump in the road.

Just how much thought goes into Manning's rigorous preparation and game-planning? 

"There’s certain times you want to throw certain routes depending on where the sun sets," Manning told Gray Caldwell of DenverBroncos.com earlier in the week.  Now that's breaking down the details.

Fox said Manning's preparation is unparalleled -- while in the cold tub in training room, the QB was studying on his iPad.

— Gray Caldwell (@GrayCaldwell) December 24, 2012

So there's no need to worry about Manning wearing a glove.  The man who executes plays based on the sun's rays and studies his playbook while icing is not injured.  He's just thinking ahead.