Jets vs. Titans: Tennessee's Biggest Winners and Losers in NFL Week 15

Chad Minton@@chad_mintonCorrespondent IDecember 18, 2012

Jets vs. Titans: Tennessee's Biggest Winners and Losers in NFL Week 15

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    Somehow the Tennessee Titans managed to get up off the mat and get one of their most meaningful wins of the 2012 season over the New York Jets, 14-10.

    They not only moved their record to 2-0 in nationally televised games this season, but they knocked the Jets out of playoff contention in the process.

    Plenty of winners stepped up for the Titans in this slugfest of a game. Unfortunately, it came just a little too late in the season with the Titans already eliminated from playoff contention.

    However, there were some losers that almost sent the Titans to their fourth straight loss.

Winner: Michael Griffin

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    It took long enough, but Michael Griffin finally played the way we all know he's capable of playing.

    Playing against such an anemic offense in the Jets had something to do with that, but it was still a great performance by a guy who's been underperforming all season.

    Griffin finished with two interceptions, and both of them were not easy interceptions. The second one sealed the game for the Titans when the Jets were threatening.

    It's good to see Griffin finally step up, but he needs to finished strong over these last two games to completely make up for his inconsistent play that has plagued the Titans defense for much of the season.

Loser: Brett Kern

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    It was a game to forget for Brett Kern, and there haven't been many of them this season.

    Kern's final punt served the Jets up with a great opportunity to steal a win. Luckily, the Titans defense stepped up in a big way, but Kern definitely didn't have his best day.

    He finished with a punting average of below 40 yards. Now granted, the Jets defense kept him busy all night.

    Special teams are always so underrated, but they almost sent the Titans to another loss in this game. Kern was bailed out by the defense on numerous occasions.

Winner: Zach Brown

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    There has obviously been some tough times for the young linebackers for the Titans this season, but Zach Brown has certainly brought his full effort in his rookie season.

    Brown capped off the win for the Titans by recovering a fumble late in the game. He also had two sacks to go along with seven tackles.

    Life was not easy for Mark Sanchez during this game, and Brown played a major role in that.

    There are plenty of weaknesses heading into this offseason, but linebacker is looking pretty solid after seeing performances like this from these young linebackers.

Loser: Kendall Wright

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    Kendall Wright's solid rookie season may have come to a premature end after landing awkwardly on Antonio Cromartie.

    It's being called a rib injury, and if that's the case then it's unlikely that Wright plays in the last two games. There's just no point in risking your top draft pick in two games that are meaningless.

    Wright certainly did a lot of things this season to give Titans fans hope about the passing game going forward, but it's too bad that Wright couldn't try to finish off his impressive rookie season.

Winner: Michael Preston

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    Michael Preston is probably not even one of the first four names you think of when you think of the Titans receivers.

    With that said, Preston is slowly working his way onto this team and becoming a major contributor.

    Preston had a big catch on what ended up being the game-winning touchdown drive in the third quarter.

    It's games like this that will give Preston a future in the NFL. He's worked his way from Division III football to get his chance in the NFL on the national stage.

    If Preston can finish strong over these last two games, then expect Preston to find a spot on the Titans' roster for 2013. He took a big step forward in this game.

Loser: Kenny Britt

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    Kenny Britt is suppose to be the Titans' top receiver going forward, but he was really nowhere to be found against the Jets.

    He officially finished with one catch for seven yards.

    The Titans really need Britt to be reliable in these big games against top defenses like the Jets have.

    If you take out the 94-yard touchdown run from Chris Johnson, this Titans offense really struggled to get anything going in this game.

    Britt has to find ways to have impacts on games against good defenses. If he can't show that he's that type of receiver, then the Titans may need to start looking elsewhere.

Winner: Mike Munchak

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    Mike Munchak could have very well saved his job for next season with this win.

    The Titans were lacking a signature win outside of the Pittsburgh Steelers game this season. They needed another one to give Bud Adams a reason to stick with him and show patience.

    With this big win on Monday Night Football in what was a gritty football game, you have to think about maybe sticking with him for another season.

    It may have come against a bad Jets team, but a win on Monday Night Football is always a huge boost for an organization.

    If the Titans would have been embarrassed on the national stage, then it would have been hard to consider keeping Munchak around.

    Munchak probably bought himself another season to get the Titans moving back in the right direction that fans are yearning for.

Loser: Will Witherspoon

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    There weren't many guys on the defensive side of the ball who came close to costing the Titans the game, but Will Witherspoon was certainly one of them.

    A personal foul penalty on Witherspoon put the Jets offense in great position to win the game. Any offense that was even a fraction better than this pitiful Jets offense would've probably made the Titans pay the price.

    Witherspoon is slowly being phased out of this team by stronger play from these younger linebackers like Zach Brown, Akeem Ayers and Colin McCarthy.

    This poor stat line that included not a single tackle will probably leave Witherspoon off the roster heading into next season. If he does return, then it'll be just as a backup. His days of starting are probably past him.