Spike Lee Adds Custom-Designed Jordans to His Arsenal of Swag

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistDecember 14, 2012

Photo via terezowens.com.
Photo via terezowens.com.Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Spike Lee has foot swag.

But don't take my word for it. Just look at his feet.

The New York Knicks superfan was spotted at the team's most recent game against the Los Angeles Lakers donning a pair of custom made Air Jordan XX8 "Knicks" Colorways.

In case that's not something that impresses you by name alone, take note that "you can't even buy these shoes." Which is a downright shame, because they're absolutely sick.

Lee's custom made kicks sport a black, orange and blue color scheme. You can zip them up like any classic pair of Jordans or you can bear all and let a glorious dose of orange or blue hang out.

When closed, the sneakers have a sleek and debonair look about them. When open, though, flamboyancy reigns supreme.

Not only is the heart of the shoe completely orange, but the kicks themselves extend up well past the ankle. The material that encloses the shoe also keels over down toward the heel to reveal a prominently placed—and of course, orange—number "2" on one side and "3" on the other.

Clever, right? Of course they are.

They're loud, slightly obnoxious and absolutely awesome. They're also so Spike Lee.

The die-hard Knicks fan is no stranger to sporting bold furnishings. He is not only routinely dressed to the nines in vibrant colors, but his classic jerseys have become both a staple at Madison Square Garden.

Sporting extravagant sneakers is not a foreign concept either. His kicks frequently are equally as—if not more—radiant and dazzling than the jerseys he clothes himself with.

But again, don't take my word for it. Ask anyone who's ever been to the Garden, seen him on television or taken the time to Google his name under "Images." 

And that's a big part of the reason why we pay attention to Spike, and why those less keen on him tolerate his antics at all.

Because he's one of the kings of swag.