ECW: A New Era Of Extreme (Week Nine)

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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another exciting night of ECW! I know that I I've been rushing my past few articles out to the public and they have been pretty lackluster to say the least, and I just want to apologize to you all for that.

I just finished celebrating my 20th birthday on March 20. It's kinda of weird that I turned 20 on the 20th. But anyway, I'm well rested and my gears are turning again and I'm ready to deliver some of my best work to you, my loyal fans and to the rest of the B/R community.

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So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, lets get ready to go EXTREME!!!

The Show opens with Heyman laying down the law on Team Swagger by putting them in two different matches. Paul Burchill and Mark Henry had been beaten in a Tornado Tag Team Extreme Rules match by Ricky Ortiz and Finlay.

Swagger then shows his face by telling Finlay and Ortiz that the blood of their loved ones will be on Paul Heyman's hands.

The video then shows the tables match the Swagger barely ousted Dreamer in. After the match both Finlay and Ortiz come running out to handle Swagger, but he escapes through the crowd and gets to his car. The video then shows Finlay chasing the car.

The opening video and theme song plays.

The pyro goes off and ECW begins.

Matt: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the land of extreme, ECW! I am Matt Striker and I'm joined by Todd Grisham on commentary tonight.

Todd:Yes folks welcome again to ECW! As you can tell by the somber mood of everybody tonight, we are all shocked by the cold acts of the ECW Heavyweight Champion, Jack Swagger.

(All of a sudden Team Swagger's theme hits and they all come to the ring in street clothes except for Henry who looks like he's ready for action.)

Swagger: Shut-up! I know what you all are thinking, you are thinking that I have the best looking smile in this entire company!

You're thinking that I am the most handsome, talented, fastest, and smartest athlete that the world has ever seen. Well you all thought correct!

(The live crowd booes and then goes into the, "You Suck!" chant.)

Henry: Everybody in this arena needs to shut the hell up right now because the greatest, athlete in the world and your ECW champion is talking!

(The crowd booes even louder! Vickie's heat has nothing on this!)

Swagger: Why thank you Henry! At least someone inside this hell hole of a city has some respect for their ECW Champion!

Now, back to what I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted! You all think that I'm wrong in my actions for what I've done to Finlay, Ortiz, and the ECW Originals? If so, then SCREW ALL OF YOU IN THIS BUILDING AND SCREW ALL OF THOSE FAT ASSES SITTING IN THEIR COUCHES AT HOME!

I told you all that we are going to take over ECW and then the whole damned company, but you didn't listen, neither of you took heed to what I had to say and now you are all paying for it.

Jericho said it best on the Highlight Reel! He said that none of these people cared about talented athletes, they only care about all of those has beens here in this company who just show up to gain a quick buck so they can go back into that little dark hole that they lived in and die!


(The crowd booes as Swagger's face has turned completely red!)

Jericho also wasn't lying when he said that you all hate it when a puppet little boy grows into a honest man! I'm a honest man, Henry is a honest man, Burchill is a honest man, Jericho is a honest man, Orton is a honest man, Edge is a honest man, dammit, your best athletes are honest men!

You are all just jealous of us! We have the talent, your little fan favorites dont. We have the charisma, your little fan favorites dont. We are the honest men, your sorry FAG favorites are complete LIARS!!!

I think its time for a change! So since tonight we have ourselves a little main event match with Tommy Dreamer, Finlay, and Ricky Ortiz, I'm adding a stipluation to the match!

If Dreamer's team wins, then I will happily release Horny...and Hornswoggle! Ha-ha yeah Ortiz you heard me right, I said Horny and Hornswoggle. It seemed as if Tiffnay couldn't stand to be around me much longer without hopping on my...

(Ricky Ortiz's music hits and he along with Finlay sprint to the ring with weapons at hand.) 

Team Swagger quickly finds a way to escape and they run all run to the top of the ramp.

Swagger: Wait a damn minute you jackasses! I wasn't finished with my statement. If I win, Hornswoggle and Horny stays with me, Tommy Dreamer retires, and Paul Heyman has no choice, but to hand me all of the power in ECW!

So what do ya say? Risk the company for your little slut and for Finlay's annoying ass son, or lose and Everything, and I do mean Everything belongs to Team Swagger!

(Team Swagger's theme hits as Finlay and Ortiz looks on. We go to commercial.) 

We return with Jaime Noble in the ring again.

Noble: Last week I was in Paul Heyman's office for two hours waiting on him to get there. I asked for television time so I could make an announcement, but I was rudely interrupted by Miz and Morrison.

So tonight before I make my groundbreaking announcement, I want to fight either of you in a one-on-one match and then next week I want to fight the other one. So bring your little pretty boy butts out here and lets get this show on the road.

(Once again no one came out. Noble was starting to get frustrated. All of a sudden Shelton Benjamin's theme hits and he comes out to the ring.)

Benjamin: Ladies and gentlemen, dont look so bored! The Golden Standard has returned to ECW for one night only! I have earned the last remaining spot in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match at Wresltemania 25!

Now last week on ECW I saw some funny things happen and then I saw one of the most inhumanly thing ever, Helms and R-Truth destroyed the Dirt Sheet!

Noble: Hey! Hello, don't you see me standing here in front of you?! Why don't you speak to me?! Hello!? I'm going to whoop your ass right now!

(As soon as Noble goes for Benjamin, he turns around and hits Noble with his U.S. Title!)

Benjamin: Wow! Ladies and gentlemen, I think I just accidentally knocked out the Brokeback Mountain II star, Jaime No... What ever his name is. Any way I am still the U.S. Champion, and I just qualified for the Money In the Bank match. Next I will become Mr. Money In The Bank!

There Ain't No Stopping Me Bi...

(R-Truth theme hits as he comes through the crowd rapping and dancing. Benjamin looks disgusted.)

Benjamin: Who in the hell do you think you are interrupting me? I am the U.S. Champion and the Golden Standard, Shelton Ben...

(R-Truth snatches the mic from the hand of Benjamin.)

R-Truth: This is not a talk show Shelton. You do that on the radio or the Highlight Reel. This is ECW, the Land of Extreme! And tonight since you are already dressed for action, I was thinking, why dont you face me in a non-title match tonight!

If I win, I get a shot at your U.S. Title next week, but if I lose, you won't have to worry about defending your title at all against me. Do we have a deal?

(All of a sudden, John Morrison and the Miz come to the ring and they both look pretty pissed.)

Miz: Last week, you and your little love child, Hurricane Helms ruined our Dirt Sheet, and now you've overlooked us to fight Shelton Benjamin? How dare you? I have a better idea. How bout you take on all three of us in a 3 on 1 handicap match!

I mean, you are said to be known not to back down from a challenge and since your partner is no where to be found, why not take us on?

(All of a sudden Hurricane Helms' theme hits and he runs down to the ring.)

Helms: Don't worry I'm here brother. As for all three of you, we have a special guest to join us tonight if that's okay with you.

(Next CM Punk's theme hits and he comes down to the ring and all six men stare each other down.)

Benjamin: Even though I would love to kick your asses tonight, I already have a match schedueled for tonight against DJ Gabriel so ya'll can kick the hell out of each other all night if you want to, but leave me and my title out of it.

(As soon as he gets ready to leave, Paul Heyman comes out.)

Heyman: Benjamin is right, there will be no U.S. Title match tonight nor next week. 

(The crowd booes as Benjamin walks up the ramp to shake the hand of Heyman.)

Heyman: But it will be defended at Wrestlemania!

(The crowd pops big, yet they are confused since Benjamin is already in the Money In The Bank Match.)

Benjamin: You see sir, that won't happen. I qualified for the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemaina this year, so I'm all booked up. Sorry, but better luck next time.

Heyman: I know that you're in the match, but you are still going to defend your title. You see, just for this year, I'm adding a whole new dynamic to the Money In The Bank Match.

Not only will you see the briefcase hanging above the ring, but you will now see the U.S. Title hanging in the balance as well!

(All men in the ring are all smiles for that announcement and the crowd is loving the announcement.)

Heyman: Don't leave, because there's more. Tonight I sort of changed the card up a bit.

Benjamin: How much is a bit?

Heyman: Tonight you wont be taking on DJ Gabriel, you will go one-on-one with this man.

(All of a sudden Rey Mysterio's theme hits and he comes out and gets into Benjamin's face.)

Heyman: I was talking to Rey-Rey earlier and we decided that your match will be an Extreme Rules match!

As for all of you in the ring, your six man tag match is next. Miz and Morrison, your partner will be Kofi Kingston!

(Kofi's theme hits as he comes to the ring, we cut to commercial.)

We return with all men in their respective corners trying to decide who start the match off.

Six-Man Tag Match:

John Morrison, The Miz, and Kofi Kingston vs Hurricane Helms, R-Truth, and CM Punk

R-Truth and the Miz enter the ring to start things off. Both men lock up. R-Truth gets the better of that exchange and locks in a headlock onto the Miz. Miz tries to throw R-Truth onto the ropes, but R-Truth holds on to the lock and wrenches even more.

The Miz somehow reverses the headlock into a hammer lock onto R-Truth's right arm. R-Truth delivers a few elbow shots to the temple of the Miz and reverses the hammer lock and locks one in of his own onto the Miz's right arm.

Miz tries to reverse with an elbow shot, but R-Truth ducks it and hits a huge belly-to-belly suplex. Miz moans in pain as he crawls over to Morrison and tags him in. R-Truth looked like he was going to stay in, but Hurricane Helms begged for the tag.

R-Truth tags him in and he runs straight for Morrison. Morrison ducks the clothesline and tries to go for a backslide pin, but Helms flips over the back of Morrison and connects with a monkey flip. Morrison jumps back to his feet as they both lock up. Morrison gets the better of the two and locks in a headlock. Helms throws Morrison off of the ropes and Morrison comes back with a huge shoulder block takedown.

Morrison bounces off of the ropes and jumps over the downed Helms to get to the opposite side and gets caught with a hurricanrana. Morrison gets flipped across the ring and they lock up again. Helms takes him down with a headlock takedown and locks in a headlock.

Helms keeps it locked in for a short while until Morrison uses his legs and catches Helms into a necklock with his legs. Helms flips around inside the hold for a while before he reverses it into a pin, but Morrison's legs are still locked in. 1...2...Morrison powers Helms back down inside the hold.

Helms flips around again, but this time he frees himself from the hold and charges forward to Morrison, but Morrison reverses it into a small package pin. 1..2.. Helms rolls the pin over into a small package of his own. 1...2...Morrison does the same. 1...2...Helms kicks out and both men jump to their feet in a stand-off.

(The live audience is in to this match and applauds the athleticism of both men.)

Helms goes to the middle of the ring to shake Morrison's hand. Morrison shook his hand with the left, but slapped Helms with the right. Helms looks away for a while and smiles at Morrison. He walks towards Morrison and delivers one of the most thunderous slaps of all time to Morrison's face.

Morrison gets turned around and Helms delivers a huge german suplex pin. 1..2.. Morrison kicks out. Morrison staggers to his feet only to be met with right hands from Helms. Helms then throws Morrison into an empty corner.

Helms climbs up to the second rope and starts to rain down punches onto the head of Morrison. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8, but Morrison picks him up and looks to be going for a power bomb, but Helms delivers more shots to the head and reverses the maneuver into another hurricanrana.

Morrison stumbles up to his feet. Helms tries to go for an irish whip on Morrison, but Morrison reverses it into an irish whip onto the ropes. Helms bounces off and ducks the turnkick that Morrison tried. Helms springboards off of the second rope only to be hit with a huge dropkick in mid-air!

Both men are down and are trying to go for a tag to their hyped partners. Morrison reaches Kingston first and he dashes across the ring and knocks down both CM Punk off of the apron and R-Truth. He gets Helms by his left leg and tries to pull him away from his corner, but Helms hits him with a huge enziguri!

Kingston goes down and Helms goes to his corner, but both men knocked down to the floor. Kinston reaches Miz and he rushes in with his signature clothesline to Helms into the turnbuckle. Helms slowly falls to the mat, lifeless.

We cut to commercial.

We return with Morrison back in the ring working over the downed Helms. R-Truth and Punk are tyring to get the crowd behind Helms, but Morrison is still in control. He tags in Miz and they hit a massive double suplex. Miz goes for the cover. 1..2.. Helms barely kicks out.

Miz mounts the lifeless Helms and starts to deliver hard right handed shots to the head of Helms, 1...2...3...Miz finally gets up before he is disqualified. Miz drags Helms over to the corner by his left leg and Morrison tags himself in.

Morrison hits a snapmare on Helms and sits him up. Morrison bounces off of the ropes and hits his signature running knee shot to the head of Helms. He then stands over the downed Helms and hits his signature standing shooting star press.

He covers Helms. 1..2.. He kicks out again and it looks very grim for Helms' team right now. Morrison goes to the top rope and tries to hits his flying corkscrew, but Helms puts up his knees and Morrison land directly on them.

Both men are down again and the ref begins his count. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9 Morrison finally reaches Miz and Helms reaches CM Punk! Miz misses Punk with the clothesline and and gets caught with a standing roundhouse kick. Miz goes down. Punk rushes over and knocks Kingston off the apron. Morrison is dazed in the corner and Punk hits him with his signature knee shot-bulldog combination.

Miz charges to Punk while his back was turned, but R-Truth super kicks him. Miz stands at a daze and turns right into a "GTS" from CM Punk. He goes for the cover. 1-2-3! Miz Morrison, and Kingston has been defeated!

Punk stands up and celebrates, but Kingston hits him in the back with a steel chair. R-Truth rushes over and he gets hit with the chair also. Helms staggers to his feet and gets clocked right in the face with the chair. Morrison slowly gets to his feet and Kingston holds his hand up in victory.

Kingston drops Morrison's hand and hits him hard with a "Trouble In Paradise!" All men are down except Kingston. He stands in the ring and point up at the briefcase.

(The crowd boos and as we cut to commercial.)

We return from commercial.

(The camera cuts to Paul Heyman's office and Jack Swagger and Tommy Dreamer are signing a document. There is a lot of security inside the office.)

The camera then cuts back to Tony Chimel.

Chimel: The following match is an Extreme Rules match! And it is schedueled for one fall!

(Shelton Benjamin's theme hits as he comes down to the ring clutching his U.S. Title. Then out comes Rey Mysterio! The live crowd jump their feet as Rey makes his high energy entrance.)

Interpromotional Raw vs Smackdown Extreme Rules Match:

Rey Mysterio vs Shelton Benjamin

Both men meet each other in the center of the ring as the starting bell rings. They separate and then lock up to start the match. Shelton starts off aggressively and takes Mysterio down with a judo like takedown. He locks in a headlock as Mysterio works his way back to a verticle base.

Mysterio finally somehow rolls Benjamin up for a pin 1...Benjamin powers out. Rey and Benjamin lock up again, but this time Mysterio gets the upper-hand and locks in the headlock. Benjamin throws him off of the ropes. When Rey returned to Benjamin, Benjamin locked in a sleeperhold.

Rey slowly falls to his knees as he begins to fade away. The ref goes over and tries to check on Rey, 1...2...Rey begins to fight his way back to his feet as the live starts to get behind him. Rey delivers a few elbows to the sternum of Benjamin until he releases the hold.

Rey tries to run to the ropes, but Benjamin grabs the back of his mask and yanks him down to the mat. Benjamin goes for the cover. 1..2.. Rey kicks out! Benjamin gets him up and does a very strong Irish whip to a turnbuckle corner. Rey hits the turnbuckle hard and falls directly to the mat.

Benjamin walks straight over to him and gets him to his feet. As Rey was in a daze, Benjamin hits him with a standing dropkick taking down Rey. Benjamin then gets him back up and hits another strong Irish whip into the opposite turnbuckle.

Shelton stands up and yells to the crowd, "Ain't no stopping me now!"

(The crowd boos him badly as we cut to commercial.)

We return with Rey stuck inside of a tree of woe inside of one of the turnbuckle corners. Benjamin charges forward and tries to hit a baseball slide on Rey's head, but Rey sits up and Benjamin ends up hitting the turnbuckle post! The crowd becomes unglued as Rey begins to slowly gain momentum.

Rey turns around and stands up on the top rope and waits for Benjamin. Benjamin slowly stands up and holds his genitals as he is in immense pain. He turns around and Rey hits a seated senton! Benjamin is down and Rey gets into position. Benjamin slowly gets up. Rey hits a spinning hurricanrana and Benjamin lands on the second rope.

Rey taunts to the fans and signals for the 619. Rey bounces off of the ropes and tries to go for the 619, but Benjamin ducks the shot. Rey turns to Benjamin and Benjamin tries to go for a superkick, but Rey catches his boot and Benjamin reverses it and tries to hit his dragonwhip, but Rey ducks it and hits another hurricanrana.

Rey then goes and hit the 619! Benjamin stumbles backward and Rey springboards off of the top rope to hit his signature seated senton, but Benjamin reverses it into a huge Pay Dirt in mid-air! He goes for the cover 1-2-3! Shelton Benjamin has just cleanly defeated Rey Mysterio.

(We cut to Team Swagger and Dreamer's tag team making their way out to the ring in split screen.)

We go to commercial.

We return with Tony Chimel in the ring.

Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the main event for the evening! This bout is schedueled for one fall! It is an Extreme Rules Six Man...

(Matt Striker gets into the ring and hands Chimel a small piece of paper.)

Chimel: Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, there has been a few changes to tonight's main event. It is now an Extreme Rules Six-man Elimination Tag-Team match! 

(All of a sudden Team Swagger's theme hits and they all (minus Jack Swagger) come down half-way to the ramp. They then step aside and signal for the entry way. Jack Swagger's theme then hits as he comes down to the ring with his title at hand as the rest of Team Swagger applauds his entrance.)

(Then Tommy Dreamer's theme hits as he, Finlay and Ricky Ortiz come sprinting to the ring and clear the ring of Team Swagger.)

Main Event Match:

Extreme Rules Six Man Tag-Team Elimination Match

Team Swagger vs Tommy Dreamer, Ricky Ortiz, and Finlay

Finlay then leaves the ring to go after Swagger, but gets knocked down hard by Henry. Ortiz and Dreamer all got out of the ring to fight, but the numbers game was catching up to them. Finlay then slowly gets up and hits Henry in the back of the head with his shellaliegh. Henry falls to one knee.

Burchill and Swagger both try and get away by going into the ring. Ortiz and Dreamer follow them in, but Team Swagger started attacking them as they tried to get into the ring. Burchill gets Dreamer up to his feet and delivers a huge European uppercut knocking the extreme original back down to the mat.

On the outside, Finlay is going to work on the back of Henry's head with clubbing blows from his forearms. Henry still in a daze falls down to his hands and knees. Finlay backs away and signals for something big. He waits for Henry to sit up on his knees. Henry sits up and Finlay comes charging forward, but Henry reverses it and rams Finlay's spine into the turnbuckle post.

Inside the ring, Swagger tosses the almost lifeless Ortiz to the outside of the ring and spits on him. Burchill has Dreamer inside the corner and and tries to clothesline him, but Dreamer ducks the shot and starts whaling right handed blows to the temple of Burchill, who is now sitting inside the corner.

Henry enters the ring as Swagger orders him to get Dreamer. Henry charges, but Dreamer dodges the big man and causes Henry to hit Burchill hard. Dreamer then tackles Swagger and starts to hit him with huge right handed shots. Henry then kicks Dreamer on the side of his head pretty hard.

Swagger stumbles to he feet and tells Henry to get Dreamer up to his feet. Swagger gets into Dreamer's face and starts to talk trash until Ortiz comes out of no where and hits a big time missile dropkick from the top rope onto Swagger. Henry tosses Dreamer aside to go and help out Swagger, but Finlay comes out of no where and tries to hit a flying cross body on the big man, but Henry catches him.

Ortiz bounces off of the ropes and chopblocks the back of Henry's legs causing him to fall backwards. Ortiz then goes to the top rope and hits a huge, "Super Big O!" onto the downed Henry. He goes for the cover. 1-2-3! Henry has been eliminated! Swagger stumbles to his feet as does Burchill as they both realize that their big man has been eliminated.

Dreamer, Ortiz, and Filay all start to corner Swagger and Burchill, but Henry has slowly gotten back to his feet. He clotheslines Dreamer in the back of his head taking him down. Finlay goes after Swagger and Burchill as Ortiz tries to go for Henry, but Henry uses his mass and just engulfs Ortiz with a body tackle.

Paul Heyman with a lot of security makes their way to the ring to escort Henry out of the match, but Henry starts attacking them all. Paul Heyman just sat back and watched as Henry destroyed security personnel. Henry then hits a World's Strongest Slam on one of the security members, but as soon as he stood up, Finlay hits him hard with the shellaliegh. Henry falls to his knees as Finlay hits him again in the face.

The remaining security escorted Henry to the back. As soon as Finlay approaches then downed Swagger, Swagger rolled him up for the cover. 1-2-3! Finlay is now eliminated! We then cut to commercial.

We return with the rest of Team Swagger double teaming Ortiz. Paul Burchill holds Ortiz's arms behind his back as he is on his knees. Swagger then pulls a small piece of paper out of his boot and show it to Ortiz. The paper is actually a picture of Tiffany. Ortiz starts to go beserk, but Swagger picks up a chair and hits Ortiz right on the top of his head.

Ortiz falls to the floor and Burchill goes to the outside off the ring to go to work on the downed Dreamer. He gets Dreamer up to his feet and throws him hard into the steel steps. He then goes under the ring to get a table. Next he sets it up in the ring. Swagger gets the lifeless Ortiz up to his feet and hits a huge, "Third Degree" onto Ortiz through the table! He goes for the cover. 1-2-3! Ortiz is eliminated!

Its down to Burchill and Swagger against Tommy Dreamer. Burchill goes to the outside of the ring and gets the dazed Dreamer and throws him into the ring to Swagger. Swagger then taunts Heyman who is at the top of the ramp. Swagger gets Dreamer up and hits a "Third Degree!" He goes for the cover. 1..2.. Dreamer Kicks out!

Swagger can't believe it. Burchill rushes over and starts to hits Dreamer with hard right hands. Swagger goes to the outside of the ring and gets his ECW title. Burchill gets Dreamer up to his feet and holds him. Swagger swings with his title, but Dreamer ducks and Swagger ends up hitting Burchill! Dreamer then gets Swagger up and hits a huge "Dreamer Driver!" He then goes over to Burchill and gets him up to his feet. Dreamer then hits his huge signature DDT! He covers Burchill 1-2-3! Burchill is now eliminated!

Its now a one-on-one match. Dreamer then goes outside the ring and gets his signature barbed wire wrapped bat. Dreamer slowly enters the ring and stalks the dazed Swagger.

All of a sudden a hooded man comes out to the ring and punches the life out of Dreamer with brass knuckles! He then goes and gets Swagger and pulls him on top of Dreamer for a pin, but a marked man comes in the ring through the crowd and attacks the hooded man.

The masked man throws the hooded man to the outside of the ring. Swagger slowly gets up and gets superkicked by the masked man! He then goes to the top rope and hits a huge familiar looking frogsplash! The masked man then pulls Dreamer on Swagger and the ref begins his count. The masked man then dives down through the ropes onto the hooded man. 1-2-3! Team Swagger has just been defeated by Team ECW!

The masked man then gets into the ring and helps Dreamer up to his feet, but Dreamer pulls away from him looking confused. The masked man reveals himself. ITS ROB VAN DAM!!! Dreamer then runs over and hugs his comrade. Paul Heyman then comes to the ring and raises both men's hands.

The camera then cuts to backstage with Burchill releasing Tiffany and Hornswoggle to Finlay and Ortiz.

Finlay: Thanks Burchill! But I still don't like you! 

Finlay then cocks back and hits Burchill in the face with the shellaleigh! Tiffany, Ortiz, Hornswoggle, and Finlay all leave Team Swagger's locker room.

Afterwards the camera cuts back to Heyman, Dreamer, and RVD all in the ring.

Heyman: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, let me introduce to you the final inductee into the Extreme Hall Of Fame... The Homicidal Genocidal Death-Defying SABU!

Sabu's theme hits as he comes down to the ring all bandaged up due to the beating he took on the Highlight Reel no too long ago.

Heyman: And not only that, but the superstar that Swagger will be defending his ECW Title against will be Rob Van Dam!

RVD's theme plays as they all stand in the ring holding each other's hands in the air. Swagger stands at the top of the ramp looking worried.

The show ends. 


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