Why the New York Jets Will Make the Playoffs in 2009

Cole TesslerCorrespondent IMarch 25, 2009

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Bart Scott celebrates a last-minute victory the San Diego Chargers at M&T Bank Stadium, October 1, 2006, Baltimore, Maryland. The Ravens won 16-13.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

The Jets looked to be the best in the AFC East, the team to beat. The Jets were 8-3, knocking off the undefeated Titans.

But it was all downhill from there.

After being top of the AFC East, people were talking first-round bye with the Jets.

Jets fans where laughing to the people at work or there friends who said Favre would suck and Grandpa's cant play in the NFL.

Well we all know what happened from there; the Jets flat out blew it and missed the playoffs, going 1-4 for the rest of the season.

The Jets organization do not obviously want to see this happen again making major changes to the roster and the staff.

After a  disappointing 2008 season, here is why the Jets will make the playoffs in the 2009 season.

1. Defense

The Jets were spot-on with the run game in 2008. Kris Jenkins was a big part of this helping linebackers get to the running back and plugging up holes.

The Jets finished in the Top 10 in rush defense averaging around 95 rush yards a game.

I wish I could say the same for the pass defense. The Jets had a pro bowl cornerback in Darelle Revis, but everyone else was lackluster and the Jets had huge holes on the other side of Revis.

The Jets finished 28th in the NFL in average pass yards a game.

The Jets have addressed this problem with a bang.

They stole Lito Sheppard a two-time all pro cornerback from the Eagles and signed safety Jim Leohnard from the Ravens.

Let's not forget the "madbacker," Bart Scott. This guy could do anything, he can cover a Titan and go after the running back plugging up holes.

Think about the linebackers for a second, Bart Scott, Bryan Thomas/Vernon Gholston, Calvin Pace and David Harris. That is an amazing corps of linebackers and should be able to be 10x better then last year now with Bart Scott and David Harris healthy.

Also we got to hope Rex Ryan can get the talent out of Vernon Gholston. He is starting to be labeled as a bust being picked as the sixth pick in the draft. After being labeled a sack machine, he failed to get one in the NFL.

Now that the Jets have addressed their problems with coverage they should be instantly one of the top 10 defenses in the NFL. 

2. Quarterback Situations

Favre left the Jets in the offseason for some more wrangler jeans commercials. Now the Jets have a vacant spot at QB

Right now it looks like there are three scenarios for the Jets right now at QB. They are Jay Cutler, Jordan Freeman, and Kellen Clemens Brett Ratliff

Kellen Clemens/Brett Ratliff

Both Kellen Clemens and Brett Ratliff have great potential, but many people are not trusting them to take the wheel a Quarterback.

Kellen Clemens went 3-5 in the 2007 season. Part of the blame should go to the O-line after letting Kellen Clemens averaging the most times sacked. But also Chad Pennington went 1-7 under the same line.

Also Kellen should have been 4-4 if Justin McCareins caught to perfectly thrown balls to him in the end zone.

Anyway, Kellen Clemens has a Rocket Arm and is still young, only being 26, so who knows what he can do under a good line.

Brett Ratliff is also a very young QB only being 23 and a rookie last year.

Many people where awed ofter his spectacular preseason games and being third in passing yards in the preseason.

Although he had a spectacular preseason, he is yet to have thrown a ball in the regular season.

Either way critics are forgetting one thing, a good defense can always bail out a QB.

Do not believe me lets look at an example, Kyle Orton in the 2005 season.

Kyle Orton was 31st in TD's thrown and 28th in yards. He also doesn’t even crack the top 32 in QB rating with 59.7 or in yards per game.

However, the Bears still managed to have a 11-5 record. This is because of there defense. The defense was first in points allowed, second in yards allowed, and second in interceptions.

Now that the Jets have a great D, I think that if either one does badly, the D can bail them out.

Jordan Freeman

The Jets have expressed tons of interest in Jordan Freeman having private workouts with him with Brian Schottenheimer the offensive coordinator and Rex Ryan there.

Jordan Freeman has an absolute rocket arm and pretty good accuracy. He is also a great mobile quarterback and has good size standing at 6'6" and 250 pounds.

Here is how strong he is.

He throws that over 60 yards, ON THE RUN! Not to mention the fact it was right on target.

So anyway if the Jets do draft this guy, he can definitely spread the field and could be a danger for the long passes.

If he does badly, then the defense will bail him out, if he is to bad that the defense can't bail him out. That's why we have Kellen Clemens and Brett Ratliff.

Jay Cutler

Jets fans are keeping are constantly looking for updates on the Jay Cutler saga after it was reported the Jets told the Bronco's to deal them in on a Cutler Trade.

Do I really explain why Jets will succeed with Jay Cutler?

He has a rocket arm and could really spread the field. He also threw for over 4,000 yards this year, and he is only 25 years old.

This is a superstar that you can build your Franchise around. Many people compare him to John Elway for a reason!

As much as a like to dream of me watching Cutler holding up the Lombardi trophy with the Gang Green, I don't think it will happen.

The Bronco's are looking for a proven Quarterback which the Jets do not have right now. We would have to give up several high picks and I don't know if the Jets will be able to give that much.

Either way with the quarterback situation, I think the Jets will be set.

3. New Coach

The Jets finally got rid of the emotionless Mangini and exchanged him for a players' coach with swagger in Rex Ryan.

Every time the Jets would make a mistake Mangini will sit there emotionless, like a mannequin. He would not address the player or anything; he'd just sit there, chewing his Watermelon Bubblicious bubble gum.

Well, now the Jets have a coach with personality and can get the fans pumped up.

Here are some quotes from his press conference when he was introduced as the Jets new head coach.

"I know how to coach this game."

"We're gonna be attacking from the whistle — and not to the whistle, but through the whistle. We're gonna turn the heat up. We're gonna let the fur fly and let's see what happens."

"We want to be known as the most physical football team in the NFL."

"Keep It Likable and Learnable. K.I.L.L."

"If you take a swipe at one of ours, we'll take a swipe at two of yours."

Not to mention this guy is a defensive mastermind. This guy should help improve the defense tenfold  and promises he will develop Vernon Gholston.

Thos are the reasons the Jets will make the playoffs.

Do you think the Jets will make the playoffs?

Let me know in the comment boards!


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