Andy Reid Is Clearly Done in Philadelphia, but These 5 NFL Teams Could Use Him

Thomas Galicia@thomasgaliciaContributor IIMarch 29, 2017

Andy Reid Is Clearly Done in Philadelphia, but These 5 NFL Teams Could Use Him

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    At 4-10, Andy Reid is just one loss away from matching his worst season with the Eagles and it's likely that he won't be back in Philadelphia next year.

    However, with his experience, it's also likely that, should he choose to throw his hat into the coaching ring again, he will find a new job within weeks or even days of being let go.

    There will be plenty of teams looking for new head coaches next season and Reid should sit atop some of their wish lists. Here's a look at the teams that could use Andy Reid and very well might reach out to him.

Carolina Panthers

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    Seeing Andy Reid work with Cam Newton should be interesting to watch, assuming the underachieving Panthers decide to move on from Ron Rivera this season.

    The Panthers have been knocked out of the playoffs with a record of 4-9 and have had their main issues finishing games. Newton has been inconsistent all season long, but did have one of his best games of the year against Reid's Eagles.

    Seeing the work Reid has done with Michael Vick in Vick's first two years as the starting quarterback with Philadelphia shows that he can work with a quarterback with a similar skill set to Newton. He has also proven to be very good at turning Donovan McNabb into a pocket passer during his time with the Eagles.

    This is a quarterback-coach pairing that seems destined to happen and makes the most sense. Assuming that Ron Rivera is gone after the season (considering the record, I'd say he is), don't be too surprised if Panthers owner Jerry Richardson goes after Reid.

San Diego Chargers

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    The Chargers and Philip Rivers have seemingly faded this season from what they used to be. A lot of the blame has fallen on Norv Turner and his offensive system as well as his decision-making.

    While Reid's in-game decision-making has gotten less-than-favorable comparisons to Turner's, the Eagles' coach does have a better reputation in developing players and devising an effective offensive system. Rivers might not be the ideal fit at quarterback for Reid's version of the West Coast offense (he's not as mobile as Nick Foles, let alone Donovan McNabb or Michael Vick), but he does have a decent skill set that Reid will be able to work with.

    A move west would also be great for Reid in the sense that he would be out of the pressure cooker that is Philadelphia and instead coach in a market that is a tad more forgiving.

    The fact that Norv Turner has been employed by the Chargers should show how forgiving San Diego can be.

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    This job would be ideal for Reid—or any coach for that matter.

    The Jaguars would be a team that has to be built from the bottom up. A change in the team's culture is needed and it will take a while.

    Coming into Jacksonville, Reid would have the opportunity to build the team his way and would likely get a good amount of leeway in doing so. It would be similar to when he took the job with the Eagles in 1999, only there won't be many Jaguars fans making the trip up to New York in order to boo the first pick.

Oakland Raiders

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    Imagine, if you will, Andy Reid and Michael Vick reuniting on the Oakland Raiders.

    That seems like destiny. The Raiders do have enough talent on offense that they can focus on defense during the draft (which they will have to do anyways), while Michael Vick would be an upgrade over Carson Palmer due to what he can do in the pocket.

    The pieces that the Raiders have on offense are also perfect for Reid to work with. Going to Oakland could be a great redemption story not only for Reid, but also for Vick.

    The Raiders will be playoff contenders in 2013 if this happens.

Detroit Lions

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    Lions fans have probably skipped over this part and are ready to comment that Jim Schwartz is assured of his job in 2013. I understand that, but this is for 2014 and assuming that Reid takes a year off from coaching.

    If the Lions underachieve in 2013, then expect Schwartz gone. Reid would be a great replacement for him. He'd work well with Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson, while adding much-needed discipline to the team.

    The offense doesn't need much work—Reid's impact would be on the disciplinary side. Gone would be the days of the dumb penalties and shenanigans which have cost this team in the last two years.

    Again, this is more of a 2014 suggestion, in much the same way that the New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins are 2014 suggestions. For Reid, taking the season off might be the best thing for him and possibly open up better opportunities down the road. The Lions represent this.