Samson Satele, the Oakland Raiders' New Center

SonnyCorrespondent IMarch 24, 2009

I thought it would be fun to take a closer look at Samson Satele, the Oakland Raiders' new Center. And take a look at how his play has compared to Jake Groves during Samson's first two years in the NFL

The Raiders did not want to pay Jake Grove, their starting Center what the Miami Dolphins were willing to pay him as a Free Agent. And once Jake Grove signed with the Miami Dolphins the Raiders found themselves looking for a new Center.

I think that things worked out pretty well for the Raiders in finding their new Center.

It has been reported that the Oakland Raiders gave Miami their sixth-round pick in this years draft. And switched positions with Miami in the fourth round to acquire Samson Satele from the Dolphins.

Jake Grove will be 29 years old this year and has had a history of injuries while with the Raiders. In Jake Groves' five years with the Raiders he has only started all 16 games during one season in 2006.

In Jake Groves' five years with the Raiders, he has only started 46 games and has averaged 9.2 starts per year for the Raiders. In the one year that Jake Grove has started all 16 games with the Raiders in 2006, he allowed 7.5 sacks for the year. 

Samson Satele, on the other hand, started all 16 games for Miami in his Rookie year at Center in 2007. Allowing only two Sacks on the year as a rookie. In Satele's second year in 2008 he again started all 16 games for the Dolphins and allowed four sacks for the year.

Samson Satele as a starter at Center has only allowed one sack per every five games started. And he has been pretty good in not creating Penalties at his position with only six penalties coming from him in 32 games. 

Samson Satele while with Miami use to practice against the 3-4 Defence. He has faced some of the best Nose Tackles in the NFL on a regular basis during the regular season while in Miami.

So, coming to the AFC West with many of the Teams either running or going to run the 3-4 D, he should feel right at home.

I re-watched the games that he played last year against New England, Chargers, Jets and the Ravens and he had some nice games. Satele played in more of a power run blocking scheme with Miami. And during the games that I watched from last year, Miami ran right up the gut much of the time and Samson more then handled his own.

I have read where Coach Cable and the Raiders have had their eye on Satele for a while now. Coach Cable must think that Satele will fit his Zone Blocking Scheme and I am looking for Satele to be an upgrade at Center over Grove.

Samson is young and has a much higher upside to me then Grove and should only get better with this only being his third year in the NFL.

The kid is only going into his third year of play in the NFL and is much younger then Jake Grove. The young Center has proved to be very durable and has started every game at Center both his years in the NFL. 

Playing against some very good Defences while in Miami he has given up very few Sacks and has caused very few Penalties.

Samson Satele has done this while playing in a power run blocking scheme while in Miami and has done well. I think that he will become even better in the Raiders zone blocking scheme for he is very athletic as a Center and should be able to use that more to his advantage playing for the Raiders.

I do not think that it could have worked out any better for the Raiders with regards to their need at the Center position. When you consider what Miami had to pay Jake Grove in salary and with Grove being a second-round pick. 

The Raiders pick up Satele which was also a second-round pick, by just having to give up their sixth0round pick and switching places with Miami in round four.

When you look at the age difference, the history of injury and the play on the field, as well as the cost. I think that the Raiders made a great move in picking up this young man. I am looking forward to seeing Samson Satele in the Silver and Black this coming year at Center.

Welcome to the Silver and Black, Samson Satele. It is great to have you as a part of the Team.