FiftyIV's Inferno: Sharp Edges, A Rigid Love Triangle

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 24, 2009

Entry Three, FiftyIV's Inferno: Sharp Edges: A Rigid Love Triangle

The night was my savior and the angel of death. Why death? Who knew that the sweet breeze and the elegant light pollution would also deliver death? Hmmm, word of the day? No this wasn't my word, but I needed some closure.

I gave my goodbye to Test, a man that publishers shamelessly used to gain exposure. It made me sick to my stomach. If I weren't looking for the money in the bank, I'd punish those who took part in those deeds.

 Boss never gave me that assignment since Sugar Shane Howard run them out of town, boy did he have a gripe. There was no ceiling as I stood on the roof. Tonight wasn't the night for an inferno.

Feeling cool, navigated the fire escapes with flashy moves. Spiderman?! No, I felt like Rey Mysterio. The only difference was I didn't roll with the 619, my numbers were 718, so I was Amazing Red. Winning the lottery would be amazing. Speaking of lottery, what what about the draft lottery? I hit the ground to find flesh and blood, mother and child.

"Are you in the chaingang?!"

A Cena bashing could have me around till sunrise, so I became the motivator and feed him the same stuff this country does.

"Stay in school kid".

The mother knew knew who I was and was blushing.

"The streets are dangerous honey, get going", I strongly suggested.

"I see no evil darling", she flirted back.

The woman was taken by a big red machine that night. Her offspring would be sitting in the hands of social services looking into the eyes of AkD, into my eyes. Emotions filled the that organ pumping blood, but one should know that my lovely night is the bearer of inevitable sorrow.

I stumbled upon a late night new stand after I passed the soon the be unfortunate child and caretaker. The Revolution was published. Hall of fame huh?
Boss never even tried to give me some tickets since Uno was all over him for them.

 It's alright, extravagant fiestas weren't my thing anyway, I was a bit too spicy. I munched on a box of Willy Wonka Nerds. Candy was fantastic. I tried to keep cool as I felt a little hot. All I needed was justice, pure justice. It was the only thing that produced endorphins for me.

 Within my pocket was my assignment. A 7 foot giant and an opportunist. The mistress and the third wheel hero...ewww. This was a jelly doughnut. Carefully crafted, but one wrong bite and there is jelly everywhere. I had to be diligent. Diligence..word of the day? The chance to ponder was cut short.


FiftyIV's Inferno: Sharp Edges: A Rigid Love Triangle, Pre-Spring March 2009. NYC, Uptown. Monday Night RAW.

The cash cow escalated the feud. Sipping on some Coca Cola, It was obvious that the giant was in cahoots with the opportunist's wife. Without facts, everything is speculation.

Speculation draws the people and they begin to babble, Mr Instant Classic is a prime example. Cash cow revealed the evidence and the chips hit the fan literally as I threw my Pringles into my fan. PG adultery...was there even such a thing?

Opportunist's world crashed like ECW's ratings dropped after the savior returned. Every thing was speculation up until this point. Cash cow seemed misplaced like a third wheel. The man chases the strap too much.   Inferno ended..


The pitter patter of rain drops cooled me down. Speculation and diligence were both word f the day contenders. Lightning lit up the sky as I tried to decide between the two. Night was my shelter, but not for the weather.

I returned to the office and searched through some files. Nothing. This case was of no interest to me...was diligence the word? I was hasty. Maybe Ray could be helpful.

"I don't want that shitty Hogan case KD, don't you even think about it".

I let him know that it was about the love triangle and not Hogan. He wasn't too fond of that case either.

"Check you desk, there's a note, I've got to go write a better series...see you around FiftyIV".

It wasn't until I got to my office that it hit me. Ray called me FiftyIV. Would he blow the whistle on me?! I ran to find him, but he hopped in a cab. Worried, I checked the note on my desk. It read:

"Don't worry AkD, we need you to serve some dam justice around here. There's a lot of crap around here, clean the streets"

P.S. "Don't you ever try to give me a Hogan case : )

.........Seriously don't"


There was a number attached to the note. I was to call an Anonymous Guy. We spoke on the phone. I had no idea who the heck he was, but I trusted him. He advised me that the love triangle case might be worth while since M was rumored to have been seen around the scene.

Hmmm...speculation, diligence, they both were the word of the day. Police sirens blasted the beautiful night as they zipped to the scene. This was an opportunity to get some answers, and maybe, meet M. It was time to go 12 rounds.