The Life of a Boston Sports Fan in San Diego, CA

Adam HeasleyCorrespondent IMarch 24, 2009

Dear San Diego fans,

I became a Boston Sports fan the day i took my first breath of fresh air on Dec. 25, 1989. The main reason: My mother was from Fall River, MA

Only problem was that I was born across the country in San Diego, CA.

And it's one of the worst places to be a Boston fan, believe it or not. You might disagree, but unless you have lived in San Diego, I don't want to hear it.

I remember the first time I wore a Patriot Jersey to school in the eighth grade. It was two years after the Patriots had won their first Super Bowl against the Rams. That day, I must have been called a bandwagoner at least 10 times, along with being called a traitor because I was a Patriot fan in Chargers territory.

And it didn't get better after their second Super Bowl win in three years. Again, the words traitor and bandwagoner filled the air as I walked down the halls of my high school.

"That's okay!", I would yell back. "Where are the Chargers right now? Oh yeah they aren't in the playoffs are they!" As much love as I have for the Chargers, I was going to get my point across whether it hurt or not.

I remember going to a Padres game at Petco, where they would be facing the dominant Red Sox. While on the Trolley to the game, I was surrounded by Padres fans. It seemed every set of eyes I looked at was staring at me with disbelief that I had a Red Sox hat on.

One lady even asked me if I was from Boston. I replied with no, because I wasn't from Boston. I was born in San Diego. I would then go on to explain to the lady how I became a Red Sox fan. After about 30 minutes of discussion she understood why.

I mean, come on, at least I'm not a Raider fan who has born in San Diego and has no relation to the city of Oakland.

The main reason I was hated for being a Boston fan was because the all the sports teams that belonged to that city are good and CHAMPIONS, something San Diego teams have never seen or knows what it feels like.

I also remember when the Patriots played the in San Diego in the playoffs two years ago. I walked in to Vons with a Patriots jacket. I got dirty looks from everyone, and I mean EVERYONE.

I even had someone tell me to take that piece of crap jacket off. I just laughed and told the man to have a good day.

So I have finally figured out what the main reason for all the hatred is. Jealousy! San Diego fan's are jealous of Boston fan's because we have championships, a LOT of them.

We win, rarely lose, always compete for championship, and most of all they make us proud to be Boston fans.

So San Diego fans, have a good time winning a championship in any sport.



Adam Heasley