Michael Vick: New England Patriots' Wildcat?

The RantCorrespondent IMarch 24, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - DECEMBER 31:  Michael Vick #7 of the Atlanta Falcons looks to pass against the Philadelphia Eagles in NFL action December 31, 2006 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Eagles won 24-17.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Hate it or love it, the NFL is always evolving. New coaches bring in new philosophies and new ideas to do whatever they have to do to get the job done.

My favorite example of this is Tony Sparano, who took a 1-15 Miami Dolphins team and introduced a new formation that utilized the unbelievably athletic Ronnie Brown as the premier player in the package. In Miami's horrible 1-15 season, Brown was on his way to a career season before his knee injury.

The wildcat formation not only gives defenses something new to game plan, but gives offenses the ability to play a little playground football. 

Thus my prediction: Michael Vick will come back to the NFL and put on a show. Not only is Vick an athlete but he has had nothing to do but work out in jail. I feel it would be too hard to come back as a prototypical quarterback because it would be difficult to get adjusted to the speed of the game again after a long absence.
Think about it, a team could acquire Vick and use him as a punt and kick returner, wide receiver, and the showcase of the wildcat formation. Not only do teams use wildcat sparingly, but the quarterback throws very sparingly.
Why not use Vick in the wildcat—running the ball and threatening to throw 60 yards downfield from anywhere in the backfield. Vick is going to have some suitors because teams and coaches have to win, and although Vick will be looked at as a distraction if his production on the field is phenomenal, people will forget what he has done in the past. 
Who would risk adding Vick to their locker room? Teams will be lining up but I feel one team stands above everyone else: the New England Patriots. Many people, including myself, feel as though Oakland will make a run at Vick because all the castoffs go to Oakland (T.O. did not though).
Who else would be able to control Vick like Bill Belichick? Randy Moss has been rejuvenated with the Patriots and look for Fred Taylor to have a productive season this year with the team.
Vick could provide a change of pace in the wildcat and use Tom Brady on other parts of the field (as Chad Pennington did). The Patriots could be early favorites to contend for another Super Bowl.
Michael Vick to Randy Moss?
The only thing that sounds better than that is Tom Brady to Randy Moss.