D-Wade Can't Be MVP!

Gagan SinghCorrespondent IMarch 24, 2009

The NBA MVP award is one of the most contested awards by fans, experts, and players in all of professional sports, which is mostly due to the fact that the criteria changes from year to year in everyone's mind. 

No one really sticks to one criteria and tries to follow it every year. Every person who has a vote will change their criteria every year because of who's in the race.

This was clearly evident in the Steve Nash MVP years, and again last year when Kobe Bryant was given a lifetime achievement award and not because he was really the MVP. If that was the case, Kobe would've won a few by now.

This year is another close race among Bryant, LeBron James, and Dwayne Wade is sitting No. 3., and I, for one, can not understand how. 

Wade's team doesn't have home-court advantage, isn't going to win 50 games, and they are in a bad conference. If Wade is being mentioned this much this year than why wasn't Kobe Bryant among the top three in 2006? If you compare Kobe in 2006 to Wade in 2009, there is no way D-Wade should finish higher than fourth in MVP voting. 

And don't just take my words for it, let me show you the statistical evidence.

Wade 2009

  • 30.0PPG, 5.1RPG, 7.6APG
  • Team Record: 38-32 (5th East) - On pace for 46-36
  • Team Roster:

    PG: Mario Chalmers (Rookie)
    SG: Dwayne Wade
    SF: Jamario Moon
    PF: Udonis Haslem
     C: Jermaine O'Neal

    Noticeable Subs:

    SF/PF: Michael Beasley
        SG: Daequan Cook

  • Main Competition

    Kobe Bryant: 27.7PPG, 5.4RPG, 4.9APG
    Team Record: 55-14 (1st West) - On pace for 64-18

    LeBron James: 28.6PPG, 7.6RPG, 7.3APG
    Team Record: 57-13 (1st East) - On pace for 64-18

  • MVP Voting:


Kobe 2006

  • 35.4PPG, 5.3RPG, 4.5APG
  • Team Record: 45-37 (7th East)
  • Team Roster:

    PG: Smush Parker
    SG: Kobe Bryant
    SF: Luke Walton
    PF: Lamar Odom
     C: Kwame Brown

    Noticeable Subs:

    SG/SF: Devean George
         PF: Brian Cook

  • MVP Voting

    1st: Steve Nash: 18.8PPG, 4.2RPG, 10.5APG
           Team Record: 54-28 (2nd West)

    2nd: LeBron James: 31.4PPG, 7.0RPG, 6.6APG
           Team Record: 50-32 (4th East)

    3rd: Dirk Nowitzki: 26.6PPG, 9.0RPG, 2.8APG
           Team Record: 60-22 (4th West)

    4th: Kobe Bryant: 35.4PPG, 5.3RPG, 4.5APG
           Team Record: 45-37 (7th West)

Those are the stats and after reviewing them again, I can't believe Dwayne Wade is among the top three for the 2009 NBA MVP, but Kobe Bryant wasn't given the same consideration in 2006.

I'm not discounting anything Dwayne Wade has done this season or continues to do, but you can't honestly give him such MVP consideration if Kobe didn't get the same three years ago.

I understand D-Wade is doing a lot with little but there is no way playing with Smush and Kwame Brown as your starters was better than having Mario Chalmers and O'Neal/Haslem. 

On top of that, Kobe took a bad Lakers team to the No. 7 seed in the Western Conference. If Kobe was in the East that year, he would've taken that team to a to No. 4 seed. 

If you put Wade in the West this year, his team would struggle to maintain the No. 7 or No. 8 seed.

I love Flash but there is no way he should be in the MVP conversation this year. After Kobe and LeBron, it has to be Dwight Howard, Paul Pierce, and then D-Wade. 

Again, nothing against Dwayne, but Howard and Pierce have done as much for their team as Wade has, and have better records than the Heat.

In the end, if Wade does finish first, second, or third in MVP voting, it wouldn't surprise me because this is the same league in which Steve Nash has two MVPs and Shaquille O'Neal has only one.


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