5 Signs of Power We Saw from Miami Heat in the Early Season

Joshua Carroll@JoshmaniiiCorrespondent IIDecember 7, 2012

5 Signs of Power We Saw from Miami Heat in the Early Season

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    Although the Miami Heat have lost their last two games and currently boast a 12-5 record, they have definitely shown the potential to contend for a championship once again this season.

    When you've got LeBron James on your roster, you'll always be in the running for the NBA title, but he's not the only reason the Heat are capable of successfully defending their throne.

    It may be early, but by now we've seen what this team is capable of, and they've only gotten better.

    With a confident Erik Spoelstra and the NBA guru himself, Pat Riley, at the head of things, the Heat are poised for great things once again.

    When making your argument for why Miami won't win it all this season, don't forget these five signs of power we've seen early on from the Big Three and company on South Beach.

LeBron James

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    It was just another day at the office for LeBron James last night putting up 31 points, 10 rebounds, nine assists and three steals in the Heat's loss to the New York Knicks

    Yet again, James is playing at an MVP-caliber level and was most recently named Eastern Conference Player of the Month for November.

    This may the most obvious and most reliable sign of power that the Heat boasts. And it makes sense: King James is one of the best—if not the best—players in the league.

    James can't win it all himself, but with his spectacular play leading the way, there's always hope in Miami.

Offensive Chemistry

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    A so-called defensive team, the Heat have been slacking in that department this season and need to pick it if they have any hope of repeating this season. 

    That being said, the offensive chemistry that Miami continues to build on this season is arguably unmatched.

    Despite the loss last night to the Knicks, the Heat still displayed displayed this chemistry in multiple situations.

    With new shooters on the roster like Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis, the lanes have opened up more and the offense is more free flowing.

    If Miami returns to its former defensive prowess while keeping up their torrid play on the offensive end...WATCH OUT!

Chris Bosh

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    Chris Bosh played horrible in his most recent matchup with Tyson Chandler, finishing with 12 points and six rebounds.

    However, he's been a bright spot for the Heat all season long, really stepping up as Miami's second option, whether Wade fans believe it or not.

    Bosh is the guy that makes this Big Three in Miami unique. There really isn't a better big man out there who can complement Wade and James much better.

    As he continues to grow in his role as a center, Miami will continue to improve on both ends of the floor.

    Whether you're a proponent of small ball or not, Miami has made it work in the past and will look to do so in the future.

Wake-Up Calls

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    If the Heat aren't now aware that they can lose to any team on any given night—especially after losing to the woeful Washing Wizards and a Melo-less Knicks team—then there may be no hope.

    Luckily for Miami fans, last night's loss was taken particularly hard by LeBron James who got in a postgame workout on the Heat's practice facilities.

    Needless to say, it's better for Miami to have these wake-up calls early in the season. They are far from unbeatable.

    However, these early losses can quickly turn into positives for the Heat if they learn from these mistakes now and are able to avoid them later in the season when it really matters.

    I wouldn't exactly call these wake-up calls a sign of power, but they definitely have the potential to help Miami down the road.

Bench Play

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    The Heat's bench has seen much improvement from last year no matter how you look at it.

    Young point guard Norris Cole's ceiling is through the roof. His impressive on-ball defense and improved jump shot, among other things, make him an extremely reliable back up PG in the league. Some even argue he should be the starter in Miami.

    With the acquisitions of Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis, you knew you could expect much more production off Miami's bench.

    The Heat's bench now averages nearly 30 points a game, which ranks 22nd (via hoopsstats.com) in the league. Not too many points are needed when you have a starting lineup consisting of Wade, Bosh and James, but it's nice to have guys who can come off the bench and produce.

    As the season progresses and other guys like Udonis Haslem start to come around, Miami will became even more dangerous. The more rest the Big Three can get the better.