Golf Pro Carries Big Stick, Breaks World Record for Longest Club

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 6, 2012

Is that the world's longest usable golf club in your bag, or are you just planning to set a Guinness World Record?

For a Texas golf pro, it would be "yes" to both. 

Deadspin spotted this video of Michael Furrh, who just set a very specific record, launching a ball 146 yards with what is being called the world's longest usable golf club. 

If you have been following the Daily Swag for any amount of time, you know that if it looks ridiculous, sounds ridiculous or combines both; we are going to cover it. 

The whole thing was originally reported by the Dallas Observer, which caught this Facebook post from Furrh himself. 

Here it is folks!! Video documentation of Michael Furrh, Caddie master at Caddie Club Golf and Assistant Pro atRolling Hills Country Club breaking the World Record for the longest usable golf club. Michael hit his 14 ft 2.5 in driver a carry distance of 146 yds, measured on aTrackMan® device at Hank Haney Golf at the Lakes at Castle Hills...

I am officially jealous. 

Not because he owns a world record; I wouldn't know what to do with a world record if I had one. I'm jealous because he was able to swing that monstrosity and still drive the ball in the general direction he wanted, unlike my awful drives with my regular clubs. 

Perhaps I need one of these super-sized things. They may make my golf game more hilarious than it already is. 

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