Ranking the Miami Heat's 10 Best Highlights of the 2012-13 Season to Date

Peter Emerick@@peteremerickSenior Writer IIDecember 6, 2012

Ranking the Miami Heat's 10 Best Highlights of the 2012-13 Season to Date

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    Just as expected, the Miami Heat are still the NBA's team to beat this season.

    They've dominated the rest of the NBA in style, with some rim-rattling dunks and impressive game-winners along the way.

    When you have LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Ray Allen on the same team, you're bound to have some amazing highlights.

    Ahead is a list of the 10 best highlights of the Miami Heat's 2012-13 season, through Dec. 6.

Honorable Mention: The Big Three Get Their First Rings Together

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    This isn't really a highlight, so that's why it's just an honorable mention.

    It's still worth noting that this moment could be the beginning of something truly special in Miami. Dare I say a dynasty?

    It may be too early to jump the gun on that kind of talk, but if the Heat become the NBA's next great dynasty, this moment will be at its foundation.

    Seeing LeBron finally put a championship ring on his finger was a special moment for any LeBron or Heat fan.

10. Mario Chalmers Threads the Needle to LeBron

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    It earned the NBA's Assist of the Night honor, and it's one nasty pass from the man they call "Rio" in South Beach.

    If Chalmers could do this on a more regular basis, he'd be a much more integral piece of the Heat's success.

    Until then, he'll just be a guy who has an impressive play every once and awhile.

9. Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade' Double Block to Start the Season

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    This rare "double block" makes the list mainly because it was the first play of the 2012-13 season for the Miami Heat.

    First, Chris Bosh tells Brandon Bass to take his shot back where he found it, and then Dwyane Wade tells him to take his talents to the bench because he's not about to score on the Heat.

    This would've been even better if the other member of the Heat's Big Three, LeBron James, had gotten into the fray and blocked him a third time.

    Unfortunately, this is the only defense the Heat have had all season. 

8. LeBron Shows off His Patented No-Look Mini Hook

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    For most of us making a layup is hard enough of a challenge, especially when there's a close to seven-foot tall defender standing in your way. 

    For LeBron it's just another easy shot, and he certainly made this one look that way.

    (Fading away from the basket) + (shooting the layup backwards) = one sensational shot.

7. Wade to LeBron to Wade for an Alley-Oop That Looks Way Too Easy

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    You can't talk about Dwyane Wade and LeBron James and try to say the two don't have chemistry, because it's clear that they do.

    Wade starts this off with an easy steal and then the "no you finish it" passing process begins.

    Marshon Brooks looks more confused than ever trying to figure out which one to defend. Finally he just decides to let them have it, and honestly, that was a very wise decision.

    Any defense there would've ended up with a massive posterization for Brooks.

6. Dwyane Wade Adds Reggie Evans to His Poster Collection

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    Hey Reggie Evans, if you want to block Dwyane Wade you have to actually jump.

    If you don't you'll get, well, posterized. For a man who's earned his paychecks in the NBA for years with his defense, Evans really didn't give a lot of effort here.

    Wade's still got some serious hops, apparently Evans wasn't aware of that.

5. Jesus Shuttlesworth Drops the Cleveland Cavaliers with a Three-Point Dagger

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    If this game was played in Cleveland, this shot would be higher on the list.

    Either way, Ray Allen proves once again that if there's a three that needs to be made, then he's the man for the job.

    LeBron's job in the clutch has gotten so much easier this season, thanks to Allen's deep shooting abilities.

    All LeBron has to do is drive into the paint, and if he's not covered, take an easy layup or dunk. And if the defense collapses on him, well find the man they call "Jesus Shuttlesworth" and let him win the game for the Heat. 

4. Marcin Gortat Falls Flat on His Face Trying to 'LeBron' the King Himself

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    This one may look like just another LeBron James beauty. But keep your eyes on Marcin Gortat and you'll see a man attempting to fly.

    For a second it looks like Gortat might actually take flight, but as expected, he comes soaring back to the ground.

    I'm sure the "Good Job Good Effort" kid was standing close to Gortat after that play trying to encourage him. 

    LeBron James (1), Marcin Gortat (0). 

3. Kris Humphries Shows Up Late to the Party and Wade Makes Him Pay for It

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    What is it with all these Brooklyn Nets players wanting to get posterized by Dwyane Wade? 

    First Reggie Evans, and now Kris Humphries. To be fair, Humphries did at least try to block Wade on the alley oop.

    Luckily for Humphries, Wade is a mature player and didn't try to fight him after his block attempt. Yes, Rajon Rondo, I'm looking at you.

    Good job by Wade too to hang on the rim and not go flying into the crowd. 

2. LeBron James Kicks off the 2012-13 Season with a Reverse Throw-Down

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    LeBron James isn't satisfied with a normal alley-oop. He has to increase its level of difficulty by grabbing it and throwing it down backwards.

    In reality, he had to throw down a reverse dunk because Chris Bosh's pass was way too short. But hey, that's what you get when a 6' 11'' big man throwing passes like a point guard.

    The only way LeBron could've improved this is if he jumped over John Lucas on the play too. Well, one can hope that it happens when the Heat take on the Toronto Raptors this season.

    Watch out Lucas, watch out. 

1. The Denver Nuggets Pick Their Poison, and Lose

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    If there were any questions of how well Ray Allen would fit in with the Miami Heat, they were answered on Nov. 3rd when he sank the game winner against the Denver Nuggets.

    It was the Heat's third game of the season, and the game was on the line with under 10 seconds left.

    With the game on the line, LeBron drove on Kenneth Faried and found Ray Allen open in the corner for a four-point play to take the game.

    Some props have to be given to Corey Brewer for making the boneheaded move to try and bring help-side defense on LeBron. I mean, come on man! You're guarding the best long-range shooter in NBA history, you should probably have stayed on him.

    Either way, this moment proved that Allen would make the Heat an even more dangerous team. With Allen beyond-the-arc, the Heat are a nearly impossible team to guard in the clutch. Just ask the Nuggets.