Phillies Rumors: Pagan Reportedly Signs with Giants, Who Should the Club Pursue?

Michael Pizzutillo@@Mike_PizzutilloCorrespondent IIIDecember 3, 2012

Could the Phil's reach a deal for Fowler?
Could the Phil's reach a deal for Fowler?Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

It appears the Philadelphia Phillies are losing another bidding war. Jon Heyman of CBS Sports is reporting Angel Pagan and the San Francisco Giants are potentially in agreement on a deal. Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports, also reported the potential deal is worth $40M over four years.

The Phillies’ soap-opera offseason continues.

Losing Pagan will not shatter the team, but the free agent list is slowly thinning.

The Phillies have been linked to all major outfield free agents this offseason, but nothing has come to fruition.

It appears Ruben Amaro, Jr., is sticking to his guns and not offering more than a player’s worth—at least not yet. The facts still remain: The Phillies are in need of outfield help.

Lately, the Phillies have been mentioned to possible communications with Chicago Cubs regarding Alfonso Soriano and interests in free agent Ichiro Suzuki. Six years ago, this would have been blockbuster news, but it’s simply not enough to excite the Phillies’ fan base. Neither will Cody Ross.

If you break down the Phillies’ main objective this offseason, it’s to sign a right-handed power hitter or a dynamic leadoff hitter. The latter of the two seems to be the most attainable.

Michael Bourn is still available and will be very expensive. Jim Salisbury also reported the club is expressing interest in trade talks for Dexter Fowler or Peter Bourjos.

If the Phillies do capture any of these three players, it will be an upgrade at the position, but at what cost?

Do the Phillies unload veteran and young pitching via trade or spend more than wanted? Or will the team sign Josh Hamilton, ignoring the needs of a right-hander or leadoff batter, and shock the world?

Stay tuned, as the Phillies’ next offseason episode unfolds.