Laquon Treadwell: How Ole Miss Can Out-Recruit Oklahoma, Michigan for 5-Star WR

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIDecember 3, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

5-star wide receiver Laquon Treadwell has named the favorites for his commitment, and out of the two programs in the running, one may seem a bit out of place to the average college football fan.

According to quotes via Neal McCready of, Treadwell's top two consists of the Oklahoma Sooners and the Ole Miss Rebels:

"I really don't have a time frame (for a decision)," Treadwell said. "I would say Ole Miss and Oklahoma are the front-runners and it will come down to my other official visit to see where I'll land."

Oklahoma is a traditional college football powerhouse, so there's no surprise in the Sooners being on top of a 5-star's interest list, but yet again, here's Ole Miss connected to another elite recruit in the 2013 class. Casual college football fans may not see it just yet, but head coach Hugh Freeze and Ole Miss could very well be putting together something special.

The big name in regards to Ole Miss recruiting is obviously No. 1 overall recruit Robert Nkemdiche, who has the Rebels on top of his interest list, according to 247Sports, after his decommitment from Clemson. Nothing is final, but it appears as if Ole Miss has a great shot to land Nkemdiche because of the ties he has to the program. His brother, Denzel, is one of their star linebackers, and his mother has been very open about wanting them to play together.

Getting the No. 1 overall recruit's commitment would be huge for Ole Miss, but Treadwell could be just as big for Freeze and his program, so it's very intriguing that they are in the running here.

McCready's report was about Treadwell's official visit to Ole Miss, and it was one that he apparently really enjoyed, per the report:

"My visit went very, very good," Treadwell said. "My mom loved it the most, so that's the best thing. I feel like it's home when I'm around the coaches and players and that's the most important thing. I feel like I fit right in with everything Ole Miss is trying to do with the program, and I love the offense they're running."

This is a big step for Ole Miss, but McCready also reported that Treadwell will take an official visit to Oklahoma as well, and 247Sports has big-time programs like Michigan and Oklahoma State listed as "warm" interests for Treadwell. So how do the Rebels hold on to any advantages they may have gained during this visit?

Their biggest advantage may be the fact that they have such a good shot at landing Nkemdiche.

Treadwell is an elite recruit, there's no doubt about it, so pitching him on the fact that he can team up with the nation's No. 1 recruit to start a trend would be huge. Treadwell could be the Rebels' star on offense, while Nkemdiche would hold down the defense. They'd be two big names that would create a ton of buzz around the program, and just imagine how crazy things would get if Ole Miss started legitimately winning.

Treadwell and Nkemdiche would get a ton of attention if Ole Miss made ripples within the natural order of the SEC, and they'd receive a ton of the credit as well.

Treadwell could choose to go to Oklahoma, Michigan or Oklahoma State, and he'd probably end up having a very good career—but he'd be one of many good players to go through those programs.

If he chose to go to Ole Miss, though, he could very well become a legend, especially if he's one of the pieces that turns that program around.

The kicker here is that it's a realistic possibility. If Ole Miss can land both Treadwell and Nkemdiche, they'd have two elite players on both sides of the ball. Their product on the field will undoubtedly improve, as will their notoriety because of the star power of both players. That in turn will help attract more elite recruits in the future, and that's not even counting the recruits that would want to hop aboard on the 2013 class.

Like I said, Freeze could be building something very special at Ole Miss, and Treadwell could be one of the key players in that movement.

If Ole Miss wants to out-recruit the likes of Oklahoma and Michigan, they're going to have to shoot for the stars. They need to go big or go home if they want to land Treadwell.

There's no bigger pitch to an elite recruit than offering the chance to become a legend.

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