Seahawks vs. Bears: Seattle's Biggest Winners and Losers from Week 13

Todd Pheifer@tpheiferAnalyst IIIDecember 2, 2012

Seahawks vs. Bears: Seattle's Biggest Winners and Losers from Week 13

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    The Seattle Seahawks lost a disappointing game against the Miami Dolphins in Week 12 when the defense was unable to shut down the final Miami drive.

    That loss put pressure on the Seahawks to come up big on the road and beat the Chicago Bears so that Seattle can stay in the playoff hunt.

    The Seahawks came up big.

    At the end of regulation, it looked like Seattle might snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, but Russell Wilson led a long touchdown drive in overtime and the Seahawks escaped with a 23-17 victory.

    Here are some of the winners and losers from the Week 13 game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Chicago Bears.

    Needless to say, there were some dramatic winners in this game, particularly on the fourth quarter and overtime.

Winner: Golden Tate

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    Golden Tate had himself quite a game against the Bears.

    In the first half, he was very effective, as he caught four balls for 82 yards.

    He only caught one ball in the second half, but he made that one count. Give Tate credit for not giving up and driving his way into the end zone.

    Tate could just as easily have been stopped short of the goal line.

    Tate is on pace for a career year, and he continues to develop a nice rapport with Russell Wilson.

Loser: Offensive Line

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    I will say that the offensive line provided adequate coverage against the Bears, but they were not exactly dominant. It is a good thing that Russell Wilson can make plays with his feet.

    The line only gave up two sacks for a total of 10 yards, but you could see the pocket collapse throughout the day.

    The holding call almost killed the final drive in regulation, as it put the Seahawks in a 3rd-and-long situation. Pete Carroll didn’t like the call, but the flag did come out.

    Give the line some credit for keeping it together in overtime and finally wearing down the Chicago defense.

Winner: Russell Wilson

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    What can you say about Russell Wilson? The guy plays with poise.

    You would prefer that Wilson were more effective in the early part of the game rather than always having to rely on late game heroics. However, he led some impressive drives in this game and played with great confidence on the final drive.

    Wilson was 23-for-37 for 293 yards and two touchdowns. He also ran nine times for 71 yards. That is some serious offensive production.

    The final 80-yard drive in overtime was impressive, but you could argue that the 97-yard drive late in the fourth quarter was even more spectacular.

    Each week, it seems like Wilson turns a few more heads.

Loser: Seattle Pass Rush

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    Earlier this week, I wrote that Chris Clemons and Bruce Irvin needed to put pressure on Jay Cutler and perhaps reintroduce him to the turf a few times.

    I guess they did not hear me.

    Sacks for Seattle? One! Congratulations to Bobby Wagner.

    There were a couple of questionable calls, but overall, the pass rush did not seem to make Cutler feel all that uncomfortable throughout the game.

    Seattle did hold Matt Forte mostly in check, but it was not exactly getting to the quarterback.

    Maybe the Seahawks will get some more sacks next week.

Winner: Marshawn Lynch

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    I would not say that Marshawn Lynch had a dominant game or that Beast Mode was unleashed.

    However, Lynch did have an effective game against a Bears defense that is typically very solid against the run.

    The stats were pretty balanced, though Lynch was more effective in the first half, as he had 51 yards on seven carries for an average of 7.3 yards per carry. He finished with 19 rushes for 87 yards and a touchdown.

    Give Lynch credit for staying strong late in the game when Seattle needed him to chew up some yards and keep important drives going.

Loser: Seattle Secondary

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    I am starting to have a few concerns about our secondary.

    It is not like I believe they are overrated, but sometimes it seems like they go for the big play rather than the effective play.

    How do you let Brandon Marshall get in position to make a 56-yard catch with seconds left in regulation?

    Perhaps I should not pick on the secondary as a whole. After all, the non-Marshall catches totaled 12 for 68 yards.

    The problem is that Brandon Marshall had a monster game. Marshall pulled in 10 balls for 165 yards.

    Let’s just say that the offense bailed out the defense in overtime.

    If Chicago comes back to win this game, there would be a lot of fingers pointed at Richard Sherman. On that big catch by Marshall, Sherman went for the interception when he probably could have batted it down.

Winner: Sidney Rice

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    Not only was Rice the leading receiver for the Seahawks, but he also made some clutch plays.

    Sidney made a great catch on the final drive in regulation to get them into the red zone.

    Also, give him credit for falling on the ball when he thought Golden Tate had fumbled it on the subsequent touchdown.

    The biggest play was the touchdown catch in overtime when Rice sacrificed his body and got pummeled in the end zone for the game-winning score.

    Final stat line: Six catches, 99 yards, one touchdown. Nice day for a big-play receiver.

    You hope that he is OK after getting hit hard on that final play.

Loser: Braylon Edwards

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    Paging…Braylon Edwards…Mr. Edwards…are you out there?

    In the game against Chicago, Braylon was targeted three times and he did not come up with a catch.

    Whether you want to blame Edwards or credit the Chicago defense, Braylon is not really part of the offense.

    After his five-catch performance in Week 1, Edwards has a total of three additional catches on the season.

    I do not think the Seahawks necessarily need a healthy and productive Edwards to win this year, but it sure would be nice to have one more veteran receiver that can make some key catches down the stretch.

Winner: Seattle in Game-Ended Replay Reviews

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    The Seahawks have done OK when it comes to game-ending replay reviews this season.

    First, it was the controversial call that allowed Seattle to sneak by the Green Bay Packers in the now-infamous Monday Night Football game.

    Thankfully, the game-ending play against the Bears was really more of a formality, as Sidney Rice clearly broke the plane of the goal line before the ball came out.

    Hopefully Seattle can finish the remaining games without a lot of drama or official reviews.

Loser: Leon Washington

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    The Chicago Bears were missing Devin Hester and it showed.

    They must have reminded themselves of this fact by avoiding Leon Washington.

    As noted in the Seattle P-I this week, Washington wants the NFL record for touchdowns on kickoff returns. He did not exactly make progress towards that goal against the Bears.

    Washington was a complete non-factor in this game, as he only managed two punt returns for a total of one yard.

    You can’t necessarily blame Washington for a poor performance, but he also did not play a particularly large role in this game.

    Perhaps you could argue that his mere presence was enough of an impact.