Arizona Cardinals' Offense Is a Complete Embarrassment Agains the Jets

Jonathan CullenSenior Writer IDecember 2, 2012

The Jets had a firm grasp on Ryan Lindley all day.
The Jets had a firm grasp on Ryan Lindley all day.Elsa/Getty Images

Wow. Just when you think it couldn't get any worse for the Arizona Cardinals this season, they played the New York Jets.

Both the Jets and Cardinals set the offensive side of the ball back at least a decade, if not more, in a game won by the Jets 7-6. 

Ryan Lindley's final numbers were: 10-for-31, 72 yards, no TD's and one INT. His quarterback rating was 28.0.

The crazy thing? He wasn't even the worst QB on the field today. That dubious honor is held by Mark Sanchez. Sanchez was 10-for-21, 97 yards and three INT's, eventually being replace by backup Greg McElroy in the third quarter.

The Cardinals' offense under Lindley was so bad I felt myself longing for the good old days of Max Hall, Derek Anderson and Josh McCown. The Cardinals' offense would have failed to gain 100 total yards against the Jets defense without a 40-yard fake-punt run by Rashad Johnson.

Lindley looked simply terrible against the Jets, like a deer in the headlights. Lindley wasn't just missing receivers, but missing them by yards on almost every attempt. It is a credit to the Cards' receivers that they weren't yelling at him and throwing their hands up in disgust after every pass play.

It was that bad.

How bad is John Skelton in the view of the coaching staff that they don't make the obvious move to him with a chance to win this game. Obviously Skelton is buried deep in Ken Whisenhunt's doghouse at this point.


The coaching staff has to know that they are coaching for their jobs right now. Lindley would have been unlikely to beat the Jets in eight quarters, never mind four, and yet Skelton was glued to the sidelines, clipboard in hand.

This is not to pick on Lindley, but he simply doesn't look like an NFL quarterback right now. Given the immediate success that almost all of the rookie quarterbacks have had entering the league in the past couple of years, Lindley's lack of execution was startling and unacceptable.

The only way the Cardinals were going to win this game was if the defense scored and won it for them.

The defense did everything humanly possible to come out of New York with a victory, picking off three passes, causing a fumble and sacking the QB three times. The Cardinals defense was also left out on the field for over 38 minutes due to the poor performance of the offense, and they still put the team in position to win the game.

It is hard for me to understand how a coach with an offensive background like Ken Whisenhunt put such a poor offense on the field today. The Cards were simply below average at every position on offense today except for Larry Fitzgerald. I wonder what he is thinking about on the flight back home.

Whisenhunt may have sealed his fate today by being stubborn to the bitter end about Lindley. It speaks to how bad the Jets are that this was even a close game.

The Cardinals had better hope that this is bottom and the team will rebound to play better next week against the Seahawks in Seattle. Given that the Seahawks are a better team than the Cardinals, with a better rookie QB, the result is likely to be the same or worse.

And the hot seat for Ken Whisenhunt will continue to get hotter and hotter.