Seahawks vs. Bears: Final Report Card, Player Grades for Chicago

Ross Read@@RossReadContributor IIIDecember 2, 2012

Seahawks vs. Bears: Final Report Card, Player Grades for Chicago

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    For the third year in a row the Seattle Seahawks have come into Chicago and beaten the Bears. They have done it with three different quarterbacks and this time it was the sensational play by a rookie. 

    Russell Wilson just carved up the Bears in the second half. He was 23-for-37 for 292 yards and two touchdowns. He also had 71 rushing yards on nine carries. 

    Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall were in sync all game. The two hooked up for 10 catches for 165 yards. Marshall's 56-yard reception at the end of regulation catapulted the team to overtime after a Robbie Gould game-tying kick. 

    Cutler finished with 233 yards on 17-for-26 with two touchdowns and a 119.6 quarterback rating. Matt Forte had 66 yards on the ground and a touchdown reception. Earl Bennett left the game with a concussion but did have an early touchdown catch. 

    The Bears have now relinquished their lead in the NFC North after the Green Bay Packers defeated the Vikings. The Bears will look to rebound next week when they play those same Vikings in Minnesota. 


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    Jay Cutler: A

    This loss is not on Cutler's shoulders. He was outstanding, making plays with a patchwork offensive line and a limited number of receivers. He was very good extending the play with his feet and didn't force the football. He played mistake-free football and gave the Bears a chance in overtime after his outstanding throw toward the end of regulation. 

Running Backs

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    Matt Forte: C

    Granted it was against a quality defense, but Matt Forte just did not have a strong game on the ground. He's actually been in a little bit of a slump and just doesn't seem to be hitting the hole with the same burst. The offensive line did a solid job. Ultimately, he had some nice grind-it-out runs, but the cuts and jukes are simply not there right now. 

    Michael Bush: B

    Bush did a nice job in matching Seattle's physical intensity. In hindsight, he probably should have been used more to salt away the game in the fourth quarter. 

    Evan Rodriguez: B

    Another nice job of blocking by Rodriguez, who looked especially impressive out on the edge. 

Wide Receivers

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    Brandon Marshall: A

    There was one guy Seattle could key in on and it was Marshall. It still didn't matter. He totaled 10 catches for 165 yards and a huge catch at the end of regulation to send the game to overtime. 

    Earl Bennett: C-

    It was a very up-and-down game for Bennett, who made a nice touchdown grab early. He left the game at halftime due to a concussion, but think about what his dropped touchdown pass would have done for the game. It probably would have been a different story if he hung onto it. 

    Eric Weems: C-

    It's obvious that Weems is not a starting-caliber receiver and he was forced to play a role he just isn't good at. He is no threat to a defense and showed that for most of the game. He did make a nice catch over the middle when he knew he was going to get hit, but it was his only one of the game. 

    Dane Sanzenbacher: C

    If you blinked then you missed Sanzenbacher on the field. 

Tight Ends

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    Kellen Davis: F

    Seattle has always been susceptible to tight ends, and the Bears needed another guy to step up with Hester, Jeffery and Bennett out. Where was Davis? Nowhere to be found. 

    Matt Spaeth: C-

    Spaeth had a couple of nice blocks that were marred by penalties and an inability to make a play in the passing game. 

Offensive Line

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    J'Marcus Webb: B+

    Put most of this on Cutler, but the fact that there wasn't much of a pass rush from the blind side means Webb had a nice game. Cutler's scrambling helped but Webb still did more than hold his own. 

    Edwin Williams: B

    Forced into the starting lineup due to injuries, Williams did an admirable job on the line. He got some nice pushes in the running game and held the blitz at bay on his side. 

    Roberto Garza: C+

    You have to be able to get one yard on 4th-and-short. Garza had a lousy block on the play. 

    Gabe Carimi: B+

    Carimi's lack of ability to move laterally and backwards is not on full display from the guard spot. He was able to get some nice seals in the running game and was effective when the ball was run on his side. 

    John Scott: B

    Scott looked much better today than last week. A week of practice and confidence under his belt was a world of difference. 

Defensive Line

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    Julius Peppers: D

    Peppers had an early sack but really struggled to contain the edge in both the running and passing game. You would think his speed and athleticism would negate Russell Wilson, but he was just a non-factor as the game went along. 

    Stephen Paea: C-

    Paea could have done a better job of rolling off the offensive linemen to help contain Wilson when he got to the edge. When you are not getting much of a push, the next best thing you can do is be the quarterback spy. 

    Nate Collins: D

    No push at all from Collins throughout the game. 

    Israel Idonije: F

    Running around reckless for most of the game allowed Wilson to break containment and make plays on the edge. 

    Shea McClellin: C

    McClellin made some smart plays sniffing out the run, but like most of the other pass-rushers he found himself aimlessly chasing Wilson around the field for most of the time. 

    Corey Wootton: D

    Wootton is the kind of speed-rusher that should have frustrated Seattle. Instead he was silent. 


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    Brian Urlacher: D

    Once upon a time, Urlacher was the best QB spy in the league. Those days are long gone and the Bears defense is not the same because of it. 

    Lance Briggs: C

    Briggs did well staying with the tight ends down the field but struggled to make tackles like most of the defense. 

    Nick Roach: B

    Marshawn Lynch was not the reason the Bears lost, and that's because Roach did a nice job funneling him towards tacklers all game. 


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    Charles Tillman: C-

    Tillman was a step slower due to his injury and it showed. Sidney Rice had a nice game being able to get open on Tillman after Russell Wilson broke containment. 

    Tim Jennings: C-

    The usual sure tackling by Jennings was not on display today. 

    Craig Steltz: D

    Steltz came in for Chris Conte, who had the flu, and the drop-off was significant. He was too slow up the middle, took the wrong angles and wasn't much help in short-yardage situations. 

    Major Wright: D

    Plain and simple, Wright has to make that interception late in the game to seal the victory. 

    Kelvin Hayden: C

    His only real contribution was the early fumble recovery on the first series. 

Special Teams

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    Robbie Gould: A

    Gould had one kick; it was a big spot and he nailed it. He also did a nice job avoiding Leon Washington in the return game. 

    Adam Podlesh: B

    Podlesh was able to put the Seahawks inside the 20 three times. 

    Eric Weems: D

    Maybe Devin Hester isn't washed up yet. He's certainly better than Weems in the return game. 


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    Lovie Smith: D

    Smith looked to be the most shocked guy in the stadium when the game was over. You can't let a team like Seattle, who struggles on the road and is undisciplined, come into your house and steal a game you should have had. 

    Mike Tice: B

    Tice did well mixing up the short passing game and he did what he could considering all the injuries along the line and receiving corps. There should have been more points on the board but it wasn't his fault there wasn't. 

    Rod Marinelli: D

    On two separate drives Marinelli was out-coached by a Seattle staff that had an answer for every defensive look the Bears gave them. His defense should have put more pressure on the rookie quarterback, but instead they got burned similar to how they were with Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers