WWE Diva Alicia Fox: A Diva Wasted and Her Potential as a Star

Tyson JonesSenior Analyst IIIDecember 9, 2012

Alicia Fox.

When people hear that name, it's usually a mixed bag of reactions. On one hand, some people say she has potential. Some think of her as nothing more than a model, in the same way that Kelly Kelly was during her time with the company. Personally, I like to think that with some tweaks and a bit more time to work in the ring, Alicia could be a top name in the division along the same lines as Kaitlyn or AJ.

A lot of people are aware that at the moment WWE literally has no idea what to do with Alicia. On one episode of RAW she's taking the fall for a group of heel Divas in a tag team match, while the next week she can be seen associating with the face Divas backstage.

In a sense, you could call her a tweener, though you'd think being in a rare collection of superstars on today's roster (I'd say we have about four tweeners on the whole roster?) would help her out more. Sadly, that's not the case.

Alicia instead finds herself in limbo for some odd reason. It doesn't have to be that way. WWE seems to have an issue with deciding who should be a heel and who should be a face in the Divas division. Natalya suffered a similar fate for awhile, but looks to be going face now. I struggle to remember if she was a face before Creative got flip-floppity with alignment.

Indeed, if WWE were intent on making the most out of Alicia as a wrestler and entertainer, she'd be best utilized as a heel, as she was during her first run in the spotlight as WWE Divas Champion after defeating Maryse, Eve and Gail Kim at Fatal Four-Way a couple years back.

During her time as Champion (and even before that), Alicia was an interesting sight in the Divas Division. Her heel persona displayed an uncommon swagger, a pair of legs that wouldn't quit and, at one point, hair that didn't make her look like Rihanna. Honestly, I miss that Alicia and while I do like some of her quirks now, I think a few could be folded into her heel gimmick.

I'm not saying that she's the greatest thing in the Divas Division. Still, it's surprising for someone with her background to be as good as she is. I think she deserves more attention than she currently gets, and there are a lot of things WWE could do with her.

A lot of people point to her as dangerous, but that never stopped plenty of people from touting Ken Kennedy as a World Champion. Plus, it's not like she's put a lot of people on the shelf from a botch (and she does botch from time to time).

For a short time, Alicia was teaming with Tamina. Now, seeing as Tamina is busy that may be a pretty lateral move for Tamina to go from being a bodyguard to being a bodyguard for someone else.

Still, it does make me think that, perhaps if she were to turn heel again, Alicia could become a manipulator. During her time as a heel, she gave off this "superior" aura. Give her a couple of girls to boss around, maybe Cameron and Naomi, and she can not only rack up some wins, but also help to bring two new stars to the ring as well as set up a future feud somewhere down the line with one or both girls. Cameron and Naomi could pick up a few traits from their "leader" along the way, which could only help them in the long run.

I'm not saying she has to be thrown into anything huge now, or even over the next few months, but what I am saying is that A-Fox has all the potential in the world. What's not to gain from at least attempting to push her?