WWE: NXT Wrestler Arrested and Possibly Fired

Luke Adamson@@RealLukeAdamsonCorrespondent IINovember 30, 2012

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Copyright WWE

Earlier this year, the WWE made one of their best decisions in recent memory: reinventing WWE NXT. It is a move that I, among many, believe has had a profound and positive impact on their developmental territory. 

The move away from the relatively big arenas, which the WWE typically use to tape their flagship shows, to the much smaller (almost Impact! Zone-like) arena at Full Sail University means that the stars of the future can work their way up through the ranks without being thrown in at the deep end in front of a large (and sometimes hostile) audience—fans who are there only to watch the top stars perform on Raw and Smackdown!, and thus have no desire to watch a bunch of unknown rookies competing in various ridiculous stunts, such as obstacle courses and musical chairs.

The audience at Full Sail University is appreciative of good wrestling (a "smart" crowd, I believe is the term) and are there to watch and encourage the up-and-comers whilst they try to steal the show in a competitive, but ultimately productive, environment.

In addition to this, the WWE have entrusted the running of the new show to experienced and well-known developers of young talent such as William Regal, Bill DeMott and Dusty Rhodes (among others). This has vastly improved the overall quality of the show, producing some really good wrestlers with captivating gimmicks such as Bray Wyatt, Kassius Ohno and Seth Rollins, to name a few. In short, I feel that talent is now being developed properly, in a positive way for both the wrestlers and the fans. In short, the future looks bright now. 

However, sometimes things do not work out as they should.

When WWE NXT relaunched, we were introduced to the tag team known as The Ascension. The team consisted of Conor O'Brian and Kenneth Cameron, the former of which was presented in the (pathetic) gimmick of a rat on the former NXT series.

These two men could have been a breath of fresh air to the tag team division, with a dark gimmick which involved them behaving and acting like vampires. It may sound stupid, but these guys (especially O'Brian) had "it." They looked somewhat scary and intimidating, with impressive attire, a great entrance and a vicious ring style which matched their characters. In time they could have made the gimmick a major success in a similar way to The Undertaker (though perhaps that would be asking a bit much!).   

Indeed, I was very much looking forward to their debut on the main roster and possibly a match at WrestleMania this year for the newly rejuvenated tag team titles; but, alas, it appears it was not to be. 

According to TWNPnews.com, Kenneth Cameron was arrested in St. Petersburg, Fla. on the eve of Thanksgiving for intoxication and battery of a police officer. Following this, he was taken into custody at the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office and released on bail for $5,100; the battery charge amounting to $5,000 and the intoxication charge costing $100.

Quite a serious offense, I'm sure you'll agree, and you would have to think that the WWE would not take too kindly to that sort of publicity from a developmental wrestler. 

As a matter of fact, it appears Cameron (real name Thomas Latimer) has already been released; the 26-year-old's profile has been removed from the official website of the developmental promotion (fcwwrestling.info). This is usually a sign that the company has parted ways with a talent.  

It is such a shame that this potentially great tag team never got the chance to be brilliant because of one night of foolishness; although, Cameron was arrested in January 2011 for driving under the influence.

Maybe the WWE will give Conor O'Brian a new partner; I certainly hope so because in that gimmick I see a lot of potential for the guy, and it would be very sad if he didn't get to reach that potential because of this.


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