Stairway To Seven: An Analysis of the Pittsburgh Steelers' 2009 Opponents

Phillip BuntingContributor IMarch 21, 2009

TAMPA, FL - FEBRUARY 01:  Head coach Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers looks on against the Arizona Cardinals during Super Bowl XLIII on February 1, 2009 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Since the 2008 season is over and the Pittsburgh Steelers won Super Bowl XLIII, I decided to compose an analysis of the Pittsburgh Steelers 2009 Opponents and how they can make a run to Super Bowl XLIV. For example you will see 3-0, meaning three wins and zero losses in the series or game against an opponent.

So, shall we take a surreptitious glance and look to see how the Steelers may fare against their opponents:


Baltimore Ravens – In 2008 the Pittsburgh Steelers diminished the Ravens spirits in the regular season twice, they did for a third unheard of time in the AFC Championship Game.

Can the Steelers do it again in '09?

Yes, it can be done, but will it. It's not that foreseeable to happen once more. The fact is the Ravens are a mirror image of the Steelers. The series gets tied. The Steelers record against Baltimore will be 1-1.


Cincinnati Bengals – The Pittsburgh Steelers once again swept a division series under the carpet. Does that mean the Steelers will do it again in '09? That will remain to be seen, because the Bengals aren't a doormat team every year.

Though I find it hard to believe they can put up a fight against the Steelers nasty defense. The Steelers take this series at 2-0.

Cleveland Browns – Ditto. The Steelers stole this series also leaving them 6-0 in the AFC North Division. The Browns were pick to be the Cinderella team to make it to the Super Bowl.

What a joke, they never put up at all in the season at all. Note to experts, the Browns choke big time when you favor them to make the Super Bowl. I see the Steelers sweeping the Browns again in '09. So this mean that the Steelers will take this series at 2-0.


Oakland Raiders – Al Davis is holding his team back. I don't see the Raiders being playoff contenders this year. They are still in the rebuilding process. Plus the Steelers are a very dominant team and tough to beat. The Steelers have this one in the bag at 1-0.


San Diego Chargers – Now this will be a tough matchup even though the Steelers beat them twice, both in the regular season staving off with an 11-10 victory, and in the playoffs with a decisive VICTORY.

Yes, the Steelers have a chance to beat them again, but you never know what could happen between the Steelers and the Chargers. Though I believe the Steelers will take this at 1-0.


Tennessee Titans– Oh this is sure going to be a revenge match for the Steelers. The Titans blatantly stomped on the Terrible Towel. How dare them? They almost certainly made their death bed.

The Steelers will stomp a mud hole into the Titans for desecrating the Terrible Towel. Revenge will most definitely be a factor in this game for the Titans. The Steelers get their revenge and take this game at 1-0.


Green Bay Packers – They are steeped into tradition just like the Steelers are, though they haven't been competitive since Brett Favre. The Steelers are perennial playoff contenders.

Yet this will be another game that will be a hard fought game to play for the Steelers. I still believe the Steelers will grab this game at a pedestrian 1-0.


Minnesota Vikings – Let me say this,”The Vikings have nothing to put up a challenge.” They just are under matched for the Steelers. The Steelers won't have much to worry about in this game.

The Vikings have no chemistry at all what so ever. So, I believe this will be another game that the Steelers will have in the bag at 1-0.


Denver Broncos – The Broncos coach Josh McDaniels got off on the wrong side of the bed with Jay Cutler.

When you diminish your franchise quarterback, don't expect him to lead you to the playoffs, he will hold a slight grudge. So the Broncos won't be focused enough for this game.

The Steelers are going to be a tough team to beat, so they have this one locked away at 1-0


Kansas City ChiefsThe Chiefs are in a rebuilding phase right now with a new head coach. So they have a while before they can be thought of as playoff contenders. The Chiefs will have hard time sneaking past the Steelers defense, because it is like running into a Brobdingnagian brick wall.

The Steelers will take this one in the bag at 1-0.


Miami Dolphins – With Bill “The Tuna” Parcels at the helm of Pro Player Director for the Dolphins, he was able to help them become more competitive. The Dolphins made the Wildcat offense popularized.

Though I am not convinced that they can put up a fight with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers are going to be a tough team to beat, they have this game in the palm of their hands at 1-0.


Chicago Bears – Like the Steelers they are known for playing stingy defense. But the Bears have a very weak offense, they don't even have a franchise quarterback.

Unless Kyle Orton has a phenomenal season, I don't see them banging it out hard with the Steelers for 60 minutes at all. I just don't believe their offense has what it takes against the Steelers iron clad defense. I say the Steelers put the cat in the bag at 1-0.


Detroit Lions – Huh!!! What a carnal knowledge joke they were in 08 going 0-16. Pathetic, they can't even win a game. That is a whopping shame. So it is obvious that the Lions have nothing up their sleeves to even make this a game.

It will be an embarrassing blow out by the Steelers. Well, yeah, the Steelers put this one in the bag at 1-0.


So in my summation of the Steelers and their 2009 Opponents, the Steelers will at least have 15-1 record for the season. At best they can go undefeated at 16-0 and become the first team since the 2007 New England Patriots to have a perfect season.

Though I believe the Steelers can match the 1972 Dolphins and close out the postseason 3-0 winning the Super Bowl in Super Bowl XLIV.


Note: Home Games are in BOLD, Away Games are in ITALICS. The division opponents are in bold an italics to reflect Home and Away games.


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