Your Best 11 Mailbag: Top Coaching Vacancy, Remembering Russell Shepard & More!

Michael Felder@InTheBleachersNational CFB Lead WriterNovember 29, 2012

BATON ROUGE, LA - SEPTEMBER 29:  Jordan Love #7 of the Towson Tigers is unable to stop Russell Shepard #10 of the LSU Tigers as he dives for the endzone during a game at Tiger Stadium on September 29, 2012 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Stacy Revere/Getty Images

It's Thursday, and that means it is mailbag time! We've got plenty to discuss as coach searches are raging, realignment things are happening and of course, we still have football. Here we go!


@inthebleachers after wasting his CFB career at LSU will Russell Shepard get at look at the NFL level? #YB11

— Chad Potier (@LSUChadP) November 29, 2012


Ah, Russell Shepard, remember him?

Most people don't, because he has disappeared from the face of the earth at LSU. Honestly, how did they even get that dude to come back to school? What is he doing there? Hanging out?

The good thing is, as Bryce Brown's season in the NFL has showed us, if you're good enough, the league will find you. I wouldn't be surprised to see Shep invited to the combine. He is an interesting playmaker, and I think folks want to get a good look at what he can do.

As for his NFL prospects, he's got to catch the ball better, but I think someone is going to try him out as a Percy Harvin type in the return game and as a playmaker until he catches on at receiver.


@inthebleachers Does Johnny Football become Johnny Heisman? Or will the voters' preference for upperclassmen make Te'o the winner? #YB11

— James Vasiliou (@James_Vasiliou) November 29, 2012


Um, probably. Barring some sort of mega-event by Collin Klein this weekend, all signs point to Johnny Football.

I think voters' dislike for underclassmen is only overshadowed by their utter disdain and total failure to understand defensive players as candidates. Every single argument about Te'o goes back to stats, and that's just a shame.

It is what it is.


@inthebleachers best HC job opening in cfb? Media says Tennessee, what says mike felder?

— Danny V (@fiveboroball) November 29, 2012


I was saying Auburn and Tennessee were about even for the bulk of the time. However, after thinking about it more, I think I go with Tennessee as the clear-cut top job right now.

Sure, Auburn has access to Georgia and Florida and Alabama produces some good kids in-state; but they also are in the SEC West, and with the way Texas A&M is poised to be the Number Three there, it is only going to get harder to win at Auburn.

Tennessee is not as great a job as a lot of folks tend to believe, but of the openings out there right now, it is the best.


@inthebleachers Felder and Google... sounds scary!Q for the mailbag: Who wins a fistfight @barrettsallee or @kegsneggs? #CastIncluded

— Eric Reinhold (@eric_theorange) November 29, 2012


Trick question, Adam Jacobi at the Big Ten Blog wins.


@inthebleachers I'm coming to the C for the ACC championship game...where is good place to eat in the C?

— J. William IV (@GridIron32) November 29, 2012


Ahhh, yeah!! The C, aka Charlotte, North Carolina, is my town. I've got a lot of my own personal favorites, so here goes.

Whiskey Warehouse is a great spot, not far from Uptown, where you can get some solid food and a cold drink. Right next to the Warehouse is Thomas Street Tavern, which is more of the same. If the weather is nice, both are solid for sitting outside and hanging out.

I'm also a big fan of Jackalope Jacks, Kennedy's and Philosopher's Stone for a drink and solid bite, all of which are not too far from Uptown. The Cajun Queen is right near there, if you want some delicious cajun food.

Tavern on the Tracks is walking distance from the stadium, and has good eats and cold drinks. In the actual Uptown area, I'd say check out Phil's and Connelly's. The EpiCentre is always cool for those of you who like to trend it up; there are several bars and restaurants in that area that you can get everything from gourmet to bar food. There's also a Five Guys in there.

There are a lot of other places downtown, so feel free to tweet me if you're in town about specific places and if I can help, I'll let you know. That's the type of guy that I am.


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