5 UFC Fighters with Wicked Kick Knockouts

Anthony Fusco@fusconation16Correspondent IIINovember 27, 2012

5 UFC Fighters with Wicked Kick Knockouts

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    Every fan of MMA and the UFC loves a fantastic knockout. It brings fans everywhere jumping to their feet with a roar.

    It is the single most exciting way to end a fight in MMA. What makes knockouts even more memorable and explosive is if they are done by some method of kick.

    Kicks are powerful tools to have in your arsenal and just one can end your opponent's night in devastating fashion.

    Some are flashy, some are not. All are highly effective and aesthetically pleasing.

    Here are five UFC fighters who hold knockouts by way of scary kicks.

Anthony Pettis

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    Lightweight contender Anthony Pettis has some of the best kicks in the 155 pound division.

    He holds a third degree black belt in Taekwondo, which is a martial art that specializes on the use of kicks from crazy angles and positions.

    Pettis holds the distinction of being the man to land the "Showtime" kick against Ben Henderson in the final WEC fight.

    Most recently, Pettis staggered Joe Lauzon with a vicious head-kick that came out of nowhere, before finishing the fight with strikes.

    Pettis is a perfect example of how effective kicks can be in MMA today.


Lyoto Machida

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    Lyoto Machida is an incredibly skilled martial artist.

    He has some of the best kicks and technique in the light-heavyweight division today, thanks to his third degree black belt in Shotokan karate.

    At UFC 129 in Toronto, Machida did karate proud when he channeled his inner Daniel-san and knocked out Randy Couture with a crane kick straight out of the movie.

    You did Mr. Miyagi proud Lyoto-san.

Anderson Silva

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    Of course, the greatest fighter in the world will have a place on this list.

    Until UFC 126 came along, there had never been a front-kick knockout in the UFC before.

    That was about to change.

    Silva measured the distance and used his picture-perfect timing to plant the ball of his foot right on Vitor Belfort's chin.

    Honestly, what can't Anderson Silva do?

Gabriel Gonzaga

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    The "head kick heard around the world."

    Gonzaga shocked the world by destroying Mirko Cro Cop with the same move Cro Cop had been famous for.

    Gonzaga was expected by many to attempt to take the fight to the mat, but he opted to finish Cro Cop with one of the most jarring head kicks I've ever seen.

    Despite this KO happening at UFC 70, it is still viewed as one of the most brutal head-kick knockouts in UFC history.

Edson Barboza

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    Edson Barboza is a highly touted Brazilian prospect currently fighting in the lightweight division.

    He owns a knockout that is currently in the running for KO of the year.

    Fans everywhere watched as Barboza put Terry Etim to sleep with a beautiful spinning wheel kick.

    It was a gorgeous display of technique and power by Barboza, and it was so effective that Etim stiffened like a board and was unconscious before he hit the ground.

    If you want a highlight reel kick that will live in MMA fans minds for years, it doesn't get much better than that.

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