TNA British Boot Camp: Future TNA Stars in the Making

Chris Wilkerson@The_WilkersonCorrespondent IINovember 26, 2012

TNA British Boot Camp: Future TNA Stars in the Making

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    TNA has been taking big steps into the UK market recently, and ahead of the "Road to Lockdown Tour" at the start of 2013, the company has given four of Britain's biggest talents the chance to win a contract and a place on their roster.

    With four TV tapings planned in the UK, a cage match at every show and huge names like Aries, Angle and Hardy making their way across the pond, it is clear TNA are taking their British audience seriously. 

    This has resulted in "British Boot Camp"—the show in which Marty Scurll, Rockstar Spud and The Blossom Twins compete for a their shot at glory in TNA.

    The show, which will air in the UK in December on Challenge TV, will follow the four competitors as they are trained, tested and scrutinized by TNA management.

    We will see them at the Hall of Fame ceremony, TNA's biggest show of the year Bound for Glory, in the training camp and put through their paces in the ring as TNA's stars watch on. 

    Why am I telling the American audience? Well, soon you will have some more British talent in your eyes every week, and considering the current form of Magnus, and the success of the British Invasion with the likes of Rob Terry and Doug Williams, I think you should be excited, or at least a little intrigued.

    Here's a run down of the four new names of TNA.

The Blossom Twins

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    The sweet and beautiful Blossom Twins were an absolute delight to talk to. The girls were not only charming with their conversation, but their passion for the industry was clear too.

    Hannah and Holly Blossom, 24 year old identical twins, could be the next big thing in TNA.

    Having watched wrestling as little ones with their older brother, the twins were instantly hooked.

    There are many stars and talents that catch the eye, but both name the same pair that really caught their attention.

    The Hardy Boyz.

    As they grew up, and as they really took serious steps from training to performing, their appreciation of tag teams grew and grew.

    Tape after tape of big names like The Rockers became hobby and education. Jeff Hardy and Shawn Michaels the stars of two big teams that influenced this bright British pair.

    Now they want to make a huge splash in America as two sweet girls who can kick your teeth in. We spoke about the direction of women’s wrestling, their ambitions with the company and some of the names they want to face. Who first? ODB and Eric Young, your belts are their target.

    And they really can wrestle too. In fact, it’s the modelling side they are getting used to rather than standards in the ring.

    This is a good sign for fans of women who can really fight it out. Their appreciation for Gail Kim a sign that they want to be gorgeous girls with fierce intentions.

    Experience of promotions like Ohio Valley Wrestling can only prove invaluable, and they are determined to be a huge success in the US, and great ambassadors for the UK.

    There was even a chance to see who could turn heel on the other in possible feuds down the line, and as much as they tried to hide it I think the fans will soon find out which twin is the evil one as time goes by. 

'Party' Marty Scurll

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    Marty is the life and soul of the party. As fellow British Boot Camp competitor Rockstar Spud says, Marty is the man the fans watch and think "I wanna have a beer with that guy!"

    An athletic star of the European circuit, Marty started off as a grappler and is true to the British style.

    Long and successful runs as champions and heroes in the indie scene with tag partner Zack Sabre Jr gives Marty the experience, potential and ability to breathe new life into the tag scene, and he admits he would love to get started in TNA with someone beside him so he can hit the ground running.

    That’s not to say he has no solo ambitions, and he believes he is the perfect man to grow with TNA.

    Both are relatively young, with TNA still a new company, and 24 year old Marty believes he can be everything TNA wants, the role model, the big star and one day a world champion.

    Whilst age is on his side, he is no way short of experience either. The party has been brought to the likes of Magnus, Doug Williams and Robbie E before, the former a close friend and the latter a man he feels would be a perfect opening feud for him. Does Robbie E really think he can stop 'Party' Marty Scurll getting on the guestlist?

    Is there a chance for the British Invasion to begin again? We can only hope.

Rockstar Spud

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    Spud is the oldest of the group, but still only 29 himself. The brash, cocky and arrogant heel that he is means his ambitions start high and remain high.

    He wants to be going after whoever has that TNA World Championship.

    At 5' 3", he may be of smaller stature than many on the roster, although his huge personality, and not to mention his big mouth, cut that gap down to size.

    He wants to be the man the crowd react to, whether that is hate or love, as long as they are off their seats he could not care less.

    Trips across Britain, Europe and beyond have helped him grow as a wrestler, but even more importantly as a character. He’s been the face, and now he’s turned against the crowd and revels as the heel.

    However, he’s not so daft to think he won’t get a few beatings if he were to earn a contract and break onto the TNA roster. Run-ins with Samoa Joe still live on in the memory.

    The Rockstar still has his humble moments, and talks with excitement about the industry he loves. It’s surreal for both of us to have a conversation about memories of Hulk Hogan’s wonderful career, the mastery of his heel turn, and then to talk about being in the same building as the great man.

    Impact Wrestling? With the plans Spud has, impact is an understatement. 


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    Four new British stars in the making, but only one act can win a TNA contract.

    Young, excited and talented, each one of them wants to make the move to America and take their chance at breaking into TNA and then making a name for themselves.

    With the performances of British wrestlers in recent times one can only be excited to see what these four can show us.

    Just consider the work of Magnus, Doug Williams, Wade Barrett and even William Regal and the British Bulldog. There is huge potential on these shores to make an impact in America.


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