Ryback: The 3 WWE Superstars Most Likely to Give Big Hungry His First Clean Loss

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterNovember 26, 2012

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

WWE has built Ryback as an indestructible monster, capable of defeat only when he is outnumbered and cheated. Eventually, he will have to suffer a clean loss.

In the end, every empire must fall, every giant must perish.

The question is, after making Ryback such a destructive, unstoppable force, how can the creative team realistically have someone beat him without help? WWE has few options, but must decide who to grant the honor of trouncing Goliath.

It doesn't appear that CM Punk will be that man.

During Punk's year-plus WWE title reign, he has defeated everyone from Chris Jericho to Daniel Bryan, from John Cena to an Elimination Chamber full of challengers, but against Ryback, he twice needed help to win.

It took Brad Maddox's rogue refereeing and a host of table-busting wrestlers from NXT for Punk to remain champ.

The company doesn't seem too comfortable with letting Punk win clean over Ryback.

That means someone else on the roster will finally overwhelm Big Hungry. There aren't a ton of wrestlers with more clout than Punk.

It will likely be someone among the usual superhero suspects that will do what Punk has been unable to do.

Though the men listed here are all good guys, it's likely that Ryback will veer to the dark side in due time or perhaps WWE won't let itself be tied down by traditional face and heel roles in this situation.




John Cena

WWE hasn't booked anyone in recent history as a bigger hero than John Cena.

While Punk has often resorted to survival to keep his title reign alive, many of Cena's championship runs were kept afloat by Superman tendencies. Beat Cena down all you like. Hit him with chairs or a finishing move, he'll pull a horror movie villain and keep on coming.

Cena presents the most obvious option to put away Ryback clean.

Were Ryback tossing about jobbers in the '80s, it would have been Hulk Hogan to put his fire out. Cena, for many reasons, has been labeled this generation's Hulk Hogan.

WWE may very well do its best to recreate Hogan vs. Andre the Giant with Cena and Ryback reprising those classic roles.

It would not be the most imaginative way to end Big Hungry's streak but one that fans shouldn't bet against.

If the leader of the Cenanation isn't the right man, WWE may pull a hero from its corporate office instead.


Triple H


Who was chosen to main event with Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam? Who has say in backstage decisions to go along with a reputation for winning big matches?

If Triple H doesn't believe that another superstar is worthy of defeating Ryback cleanly, he may simply insert himself into the mix.

Yes, the executive officer cut off his locks as he prepared for focusing more on his off-camera work. Yes, he made a pseudo-retirement speech on Raw this year, but Triple H may be tempted to come back to pedigree Ryback.

Knocking off the clotheslining, heavy-breathing behemoth is quite an addition to a WWE resume.

Of course, it would make great sense for a rising star to get a momentum push by being afforded that opportunity, but WWE and pro wrestling is too often more about ego and backstage politics than the ideal storyline.

Triple H beating Ryback doesn't do anything to further the company, but try telling that to The Game if he decides otherwise.


Randy Orton

Other than Cena and Triple H, no other current superstar has been booked to win as many world titles as Randy Orton. He has defeated both of those men at various times.



For years, Orton has been at the top of the WWE food chain.

The Apex Predator has defeated gargantuan men such as Mark Henry and Kane. Could Ryback be next on his list?

Perhaps Ryback dominates Orton for much of their match, but Orton remains resilient, kicking out of every pin attempt. Just when it looks like Ryback is going to take him down, Orton delivers a sudden RKO.

Orton's finisher has been booked as a supremely powerful move.

It may be the only move capable of stunning the monster long enough for a three-count.

Cena, Triple H and Orton may be the only men WWE trust and respect enough to win cleanly over Ryback.

Barring an Undertaker vs. Ryback match or leap of faith by WWE in a guy like Wade Barrett, the first time we see Ryback lose without interference will be courtesy of one of the aforementioned former WWE champs and future entrants into the Hall of Fame.