TNA Impact! Wrestling: Gut Check Winners Get Spotlight on Thanksgiving Episode

Daniel PeragineSenior Analyst IINovember 23, 2012

TNA Gut Check winner Christian York. (Photo Credit:
TNA Gut Check winner Christian York. (Photo Credit:

The Thursday, Nov. 22 Thanksgiving edition of Open Fight Night on TNA Impact! Wrestling begins with announcer Jeremy Borash welcoming Wes Brisco, who is standing by him in the ring. Borash introduces his Gut Check challenger and calls out Garrett Bischoff to the ring.


Wes Brisco vs. Garrett Bischoff (TNA Gut Check Match)

Your winner via pinfall: Wes Brisco. A competitive and hard-fought opening match. Brisco looked very impressive in his first match in TNA. Good opener to Impact! Wrestling.

Match Rating: 3/5


Joey Ryan vs. Chavo Guerrero

Your winner via disqualification: Chavo Guerrero. In the final moments of the match, Morgan came out to save Ryan and delivered a choke slam to Guerrero. A decent follow-up match after a good start to the show.

Match Rating: 3/5


Sam Shaw vs. Alex Silva

 Your winner via pinfall: Sam Shaw. Although there was not enough time in the match, Shaw and Silva had an OK performance on Impact! Wrestling. It appears Silva will lean toward becoming a full-fledged, confident heel, while Shaw will start as a likable character.

Match Rating: 2.5/5


After an Aces and Eights video package, Devon and members of the group are backstage making their next targeted selection on the TNA roster.


Christian York vs. Jeff Hardy

Your winner via pinfall: Jeff Hardy. This was an exceptional match by both Hardy and York. York really showed in this match that he could compete with any member of the TNA roster, as he developed good chemistry in the ring with Hardy. Enjoyable match to watch.

Match Rating: 3.5/5


After the match, Bobby Roode comes out and attacks both York and Hardy.


Taeler Hendrix vs. Tara

Your winner via pinfall: Tara. Hendrix did nothing spectacular in this match to impress, but she had a decent performance against Tara.

Match Rating: 2.5/5


Eric Young vs. Jesse vs. Robbie E

Your winner via pinfall: Eric Young. After the match, Jesse has to put on the turkey suit and exits the ring. Members of Aces and Eights suddenly arrive to the ring and attack Young. Aces and Eights member Doc takes out his hammer and begins to swing away on Young's ankle. Al Snow and another TNA official storm to the ring to save Young from the attack. 

Match Rating: 2/5


Kazarian vs. AJ Styles.

Your winner via pinfall: AJ Styles. Pretty good match by Kazarian and Styles. When focused, both can put on a entertaining in-ring performance.

Match Rating: 3/5


Austin Aries comes out to the ring and hypes that he has major things to accomplish. Aries surprisingly calls out Brooke Hogan to the ring. After Brooke arrives to ringside, Aries says he is tired of the fans chanting Hogan's name. Aries continues his rant, accusing Brooke of being with Bully Ray. 

Two clips play on the entrance way showing evidence of Brooke and Ray together. Suddenly, Hulk Hogan and Ray come out toward the ring. Hogan, who is standing by ringside, stares at both Brooke and Ray in confusion as Impact! Wrestling closes.