5 Reasons for the Miami Heat's Fast Start

Joshua Carroll@JoshmaniiiCorrespondent IINovember 21, 2012

5 Reasons for the Miami Heat's Fast Start

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    Now boasting a 9-3 record, the Miami Heat have thus far been one of the best teams in the league.

    This has come as no surprise to most NBA viewers, but what exactly is it that makes the Miami Heat so good?

    Teams have undoubtedly attempted to make adjustments against this talented team, but the combination of shooters and superstars have proved too much to handle.

    Ironically, the Heat were arguably considered the best defensive team in the league last year, yet it's been their offensive firepower that has shined bright this year.

    In particular, Miami's fast start can be attributed to five reasons as they hope to stay healthy and keep a good thing rolling all season long.

LeBron James Picked Up Right Where He Left off

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    LeBron James literally does it all for the Heat. As of now he's averaging 24.5 points per, game 6.5 assists per game and 9.0 rebounds per game. 

    Although he's not scoring as much as he did last year, he has picked it up on the boards and has become much more of a play-maker for Miami this season.

    James is asked to play point guard much more often with the addition of Ray Allen and he's look amazingly comfortable doing so.

    Never have we seen James play so freely, yet so efficiently and as he goes, so does Miami.

    As long as James is leading the way for the Heat, they'll always be mentioned among the title contenders throughout the league.

Chris Bosh Has Accepted His New Role Completely

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    Chris Bosh has not only accepted his new role with the Heat, but has also exceeded all expectations that came along with it.

    Bosh has a mismatch game in and game out as he pulls out the opposing team's big man with his smooth jump shot.

    What doesn't show up on the stat sheet is the huge driving lanes that he creates for Wade and James by simply being a threat from anywhere on the court.

    Bosh isn't the best rim protector, but he has managed to do a solid job for the Heat averaging a little over a block this season.

    I wrote an article at the beginning of the season talking about how Bosh's play at the center position will make or break the Heat this year. Well, right now he's making them and is arguably the team's most important player.

Ray Allen

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    What's been most impressive about Ray Allen with the Heat is his defense. Something that was in question when Miami was able to pick him up during the offseason. 

    Not only has he been a steal machine, coming up with fove against the Clippers last week, but he's also excelled in running around and chasing opposing team's shooting guards. As always, he's in great shape.

    Needless to say, Allen's shooting has been key for the Heat too, but as the season wears on it will be even more apparent how important he is to Miami.

    The potential for Allen to hit a big shot is always there, and just like Bosh, he has to be respected and paid attention to no matter where he is on the floor.

    Clearly, he's made the transition from Celtic to Heat quite smoothly.

They Know What It Takes

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    As a team, the Heat know what it takes to win a championship. 

    Granted, they did win it all during a shortened season, so they are facing some challenges they've never dealt with before, but for the most part they know what to expect and where they should be as the season drags on.

    Some mistakes will still be made, like Wade trying to push himself against the Clippers when he should have rested, but Spoelstra has done a good job managing his guy's minutes, while also continuing to win.

    No matter where this team finishes in the Eastern Conference standings (which will likely be at the top), they've got the swagger and confidence that they can get it done once again no matter who they play.

Rashard Lewis

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    Rashard Lewis has been the surprise of the year for the Heat. 

    Although he only averages 7.2 PPG, Lewis has arguably been Miami's most important bench player this season.

    Lewis has the ability to come off the bench and not only create his own shot, but importantly knock down open jumpers when they are presented to him, which is quite often considering the collection of players he plays alongside.

    Udonis Haslem has not been himself this season and as a result Lewis has got some key minutes early on in the season and has not disappointed.

    As the team build chemistry Lewis will only become more and more effective. I'm not saying he'll be scoring 20 points a game, but he will surely continue to be a key guy in the rotation for Miami.