Clemson Tigers Are Smart to Drop 4-Star DE Elijah Daniel's Commitment

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIINovember 19, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

The Clemson Tigers have reportedly dropped 4-star defensive end Elijah Daniel's commitment to their program, according to reports.

Hale McGranahan of reports on the situation:

CUTigers learned on Monday afternoon that the Tigers' coaching staff no longer has Daniel down as a pledge to the 2013 class.

Daniel, who made a surprise commitment to Clemson in mid-June, continued to look around at other schools after making the pledge to Dabo Swinney.

There are two very different thought processes on recruits visiting after making a commitment, but Clemson coach Dabo Swinney is one of those coaches who believes that a recruit should not entertain other schools once he has made a verbal commitment.

Visiting other schools and keeping options open would then be reason for Clemson to drop that recruit's commitment, and that appears to be what happened in the case of Daniel.

While this may seem like a very strict and conservative approach to recruiting, I have to applaud Swinney and his staff on making this decision.

It may not be a popular decision, and it certainly doesn't make sense from a football standpoint (Clemson is recruits' left and right all of a sudden), but this program has gone through enough recruiting drama during this cycle to last a whole lifetime (see Robert Nkemdiche), so it's smart for the Tigers to set an example here.

Swinney and his program need to get back to the basics after the Nkemdiche saga, and if that means setting a harsh line and making an example of a talented recruit that wanted to keep his options open, then so be it.

This hurts Clemson's 2013 recruiting class, as they are now down to 16 recruits, but in the end, the short-term loss should equal out to a long-term gain for the Tigers. Like it or not, Clemson looked like they were out of control in regards to Nkemdiche's commitment, and the last impression a coach can afford to make to recruits is a lack of control.

By dropping Daniel's commitment, Swinney is sending a message to recruits that Clemson doesn't mess around, and in that process, it will help him and his staff weed out players that may not be 100-percent committed to the Clemson family.

The other day I referred to Clemson commit Wayne Gallman as a "Clemson Man" (referencing the "Michigan Man" sentiment), but if you think about, there is wisdom in searching for a certain type of player that fits your program.

Commitment to a single cause and goal is a trait that all championship teams have, and that's certainly a title that Clemson fans are hoping Swinney can bring to their program soon enough.

That commitment needs to be instilled though, and it needs to be taught from the very beginning, so I can only applaud Swinney for reinforcing his culture and his expectations, especially after a long and grueling recruiting process that went awry with Nkemdiche.

It's never too late to regain control, and that's exactly what Swinney is doing by dropping Daniel.

Daniel is apparently not a "Clemson Man," and there's no room for indecision when you're trying to build a championship program.

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