Kansas City Chiefs: An Open Letter to Owner Clark Hunt

Bill RobbinsCorrespondent INovember 19, 2012

Clark Hunt
Clark HuntJonathan Ernst/Getty Images

Dear Clark Hunt and family,


What on earth has happened to our beloved Kansas City Chiefs? They have gone from a solid NFL franchise to one of the biggest laughingstocks in the league in just a few years' time.

Of course, most of this blame deserves to go on the shoulders of the hotshot, former director of player personnel from New England, Mr. Scott Pioli. In just under four years, the new GM that you hired to bring this franchise back to prominence has done anything but that, as he has compiled a putrid record of 22-36 during that time.

It's time for Pioli to go for several different reasons. First of all, he whiffed majorly on many of his big moves, which includes drafting Tyson Jackson in the first round of the '09 draft, and trading for Tom Brady's former backup Matt Cassel during that same year. That's not even counting the endless rotation of coaches and coordinators that have come through this organization in his time here. And then, there's also the failed hiring for his current head coach, Romeo Crennel.

The man has done nothing to restore the confidence of not only Chiefs Nation, but also the city that loves and supports its team. His sheer arrogance has also seemed to play a part in KC not getting big name players and coaches, such as Peyton Manning or Jeff Fisher. It seems that just about the only thing that Pioli has done right in his time here has been re-signing many of the the previous regime's star players, such as Derrick Johnson, Tamba Hali and Jamaal Charles.

This is hardly the biggest accomplishment that you would want from a supposed top-flight GM.

Clark Hunt and family, it's time for this man to go. He is ruining this once proud franchise and slowly disintegrating one of the most passionate fanbases in the NFL.

Lamar Hunt would not stand for any of this, and you shouldn't either. It's time to send Scott out the door and turn this franchise around.

This city is counting on you more than ever right now. Do you really want to lose thousands of season ticket holders next year? The longer that you wait to fire Pioli, the more money you will be losing through not only season tickets, but also concessions, parking, etc.

Don't wait until the offseason to make this change—do it now!



Disgruntled Chiefs fan