WWE Survivor Series 2012: Showcasing Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistNovember 19, 2012


At the 2012 edition of WWE’s Survivor Series, the WWE Title main event was interrupted by three men who attacked Ryback, put him through the Spanish announcers' table and cost the muscle-bound star his chance at the championship.

Those three men were NXT stars Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

If you are unfamiliar with these stars, or if you haven’t seen them since their time capturing the imagination of the Indy Wrestling scene, this is the ultimate primer to understand exactly who these future main-eventers are.

Fall in love with these guys now, before the rest of the WWE Universe beats you to the punch!


Roman Reigns

While you may not have recognized Roman Reigns immediately—unless you watch NXT—he could be WWE’s favorite of this bunch. With the size and strength the WWE loves in a wrestler, Reigns has the potential to be a huge star.

For the last two years, the former Canadian Football League player has been honing his craft in Florida Championship Wrestling and on NXT. With a plethora of experience, a great style, the right look and decent mic skills, Reigns is a nice addition to this trio.

The major flaw with Reigns is that he is still rough around the edges.

He'll need to work more and more live shows to get acclimated to the big leagues of the WWE, but with so much raw talent and potential, there is almost no doubt that Reigns will be a mainstay on the roster.


Seth Rollins

The hype around Roman Reigns is through the roof, but it doesn’t come close to the hype around the latest former-Ring of Honor star to break into the WWE, Seth Rollins.

After the success, of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Antonio Cesaro, who can blame the WWE for going to the well once again?

Rollins—then Tyler Black—was one of the best champions in Ring of Honor history and one of the most charismatic stars of that period in the company’s history.

But with so much hype comes high expectations.

The IWC has built up Rollins to be a huge star before he even wrestled a match with the WWE. As we have seen with Cesaro, the WWE Universe isn’t sold on Indy guys right away—especially if they’re heels.

The great part of Rollins’ potential is that he is can be so charismatic that fans can’t help but love him. With a cult-like following already, the young star will be in the upper echelon of the WWE with the proper time to build his character.


Dean Ambrose

Of the three stars who debuted Sunday at Survivor Series, the wrestler who has drawn the most interest has been Dean Ambrose. After a WrestleMania 28 run-in with Mick Foley, Ambrose became an Internet sensation.

WWE didn’t act on the opportunity then, but it’s finally time.

Now with the help of his two cohorts and the destruction of Ryback in the WWE Title match, Ambrose has made his impact on the WWE Universe, and it will never be the same.

Let’s hope the WWE does the smart thing and hand the mic over to Ambrose almost immediately.

Over the years, Ambrose has not only remained one of the most technically sound wrestlers in the business, he has developed a very dark and sinister character that will be fresh for the WWE.

With so much of the company's programming being upbeat and happy, an edgier group full of evil promos would be a welcome change.

Ambrose will be the man to help usher in that change.

Depending on the trio’s affiliation with Punk and Paul Heyman, the WWE may have just taken a huge turn for the better.

It's pretty awesome, regardless.


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