Breaking Down Timeline of Mick Foley and Dean Ambrose's Feud

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistApril 17, 2012

Torrie Wilson, WWE Diva and Mick Foley, WWE Raw Superstar (Photo by J.Sciulli/WireImage for LIONSGATE)
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If you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks or just far from Internet capability, you may have missed the hottest sub storyline in the WWE right now.

WWE legend Mick Foley vs. FCW and Indy star Dean Ambrose.

In what can only be described as a war of generations, Ambrose has started a campaign against Foley because of the hardcore wrestling work he has done over his career.

The basis of the feud is that Ambrose blames Foley for making the younger generation of wrestling fans hurt themselves by imitating his actions. A fair point in all honesty.

The FCW star cast the first stone in this battle by calling Foley out the weekend of WrestleMania 28 at a local hotel. It was during that confrontation that another chapter in the WWE reality era was born.

When questioned about what he meant about Mick Foley causing all the injuries to kids, a lost generation and what the Hardcore Icon had to do with all of this, Ambrose responded on Twitter:

Everything. He raised the bar of stupidity so high everyone ruined themselves tryin 2 get 2 it"@ihatedarren.: what's Mick gotta do with it?"

— Dean Ambrose (@TheDeanAmbrose) April 8, 2012

Btw..I have zero fear of reprisals from the office for wat ive said about mick foley cuz nobody high up in #wwe has any respect for him

— Dean Ambrose (@TheDeanAmbrose) April 10, 2012

As much as Ambrose may not have cared about what WWE officials thought, they punished the star for what he said about their star. The FCW star didn’t take too kindly to that.

ok,so I get sent home from tvs? cuz MICK feels uncomfortable? like I did something wrong? like I'M a criminal? #hardcorelegend=softcorebitch

— Dean Ambrose (@TheDeanAmbrose) April 11, 2012

While many fans still question the feud's authenticity, the surprisingly smart Foley added more fuel to the fire by explaining both sides of the argument via an old TNA video. It was during that video that anyone following the feud realized this is exactly where Ambrose was heading.

This Dec 2010 promo with me & Flair seems to be where the entire Ambrose philosophy comes from.…

— Mick Foley (@realMickFoley) April 16, 2012

If that wasn’t enough, Foley formally addressed the whole situation and brought an even deeper sense of realism to the online war. Foley wrote on his blog about why he would never work a match with Ambrose:

Given my history of concussions, I would have to be an absolute idiot to place my future in the hands of someone I don't trust. Since I like to think I am not an idiot, I won't be placing any trust in him [Ambrose]. He had the golden ticket, and he blew it, because he would not honor the simple request I made - to his face - to not include my children in any way in his tweets. If I can't trust him to honor that simple request, I certainly can't trust him not to take liberties in the ring.

Ambrose came back with a classic tweet that brings the verbal fistfight to where we are today:

l never actually insulted Mick's dumb/blind wife or his traumatized ignorant children who think he's a good person. #lostgeneration

— Dean Ambrose (@TheDeanAmbrose) April 17, 2012



From this battle going back and forth, it’s obvious that this is all a big work. With that said, who cares? This is the reality era that has brought us CM Drunk and the whole leaving with the belt angle from Money in the Bank.

Ambrose is one of the best wrestlers in FCW, and his character has serious depth. If they want to use Foley as the man that puts over the young star, that sounds amazing. Just like Foley and Edge, Ambrose could cement his legacy as a great star by honing his craft with one of the best in WWE history.

WWE needs to do this more. Great stuff!


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