Who Should Stay and Who Should Go for Kansas City Chiefs?

Jesse Reed@@JesseReed78Correspondent INovember 19, 2012

Who Should Stay and Who Should Go for Kansas City Chiefs?

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    The Kansas City Chiefs are a hot mess right now, so who needs to stay and who needs to go in order to make things right in the future?

    That's the big question I'll attempt to answer here. 

    With so many major issues to address, it's tough to assess blame.

    For instance, rookie defensive tackle Dontari Poe has been a major disappointment so far, but is he really the one to blame? After all, he's not the only defensive player who has underperformed. 

    With that as our launching pad, here are the players and coaches that either need to stay or go after 2012. 

Dontari Poe, Defensive Tackle

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    Verdict: Stay

    Through 10 games, Dontari Poe has only made 12 solo tackles, hasn't made a single sack and has only made one play behind the line of scrimmage.

    He's been getting pushed around by smaller offensive linemen, and he doesn't have the first clue how to play assignment football. 

    That said, we need to cut this young man some slack. The entire defense has been getting pushed around in one way or another, making me believe the problem lies more with coaching than the players.

Glenn Dorsey, Defensive End

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    Verdict: Go

    Unlike Dontari Poe, we know what we can expect from Glenn Dorsey.

    Dorsey has never lived up to his hype. He has consistently underperformed, and through his five seasons as a pro, he has only managed to tally four sacks and regularly gets pushed around in the running game. 

    The Chiefs placed Dorsey on IR on November 12, and that should be the end of the road for this former No. 5 overall pick. 

Dwayne Bowe, Wide Receiver

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    Verdict: Stay

    Dwayne Bowe has been a big disappointment the past couple of seasons, but bring in a decent quarterback with the ability to make accurate passes downfield, and Bowe's attitude and performance will improve. 

    Remember, it was only two years ago that this man caught 15 touchdown passes. That was back when Matt Cassel still remembered his lessons from his days at New England. Since then, however, Cassel has lost his ability to make accurate throws on a consistent basis, and Bowe has suffered greatly.

Jon Baldwin, Wide Receiver

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    Verdict: Go

    It's time to face facts: Jon Baldwin isn't going to be the player the Chiefs thought he'd be when they drafted him with the No. 26 overall pick of the 2011 draft. 

    It's not all about physical abilities. Baldwin is still as athletic as ever before, but he's never made the mental leap from the collegiate level to the pros.

    Who can forget about his locker-room fight with Thomas Jones last season?

    Jones was one of the team's hardest workers and true leaders, and he wouldn't tolerate Baldwin's bad attitude. 

    Production is a big issue, too. In his 18 games as a pro, Baldwin has only caught 37 passes for 478 yards and one touchdown. 

    It's time to let him go. 

Brady Quinn, Quarterback

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    Verdict: Stay

    Brady Quinn isn't a starting-caliber NFL quarterback, but he'll do in a pinch. 

    The Chiefs will be able to sign him to a cheap contract again next season like they did this season (one-year, $1 million).

    Given the fact that the Chiefs need to draft one of the young guns coming out of college in 2012, Quinn is the perfect backup—he'll never threaten the youngster's development. 

Matt Cassel, Quarterback

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    Verdict: Go

    Why wait until the end of the season? Just cut Matt Cassel now.

    He's clearly not the short-term, long-term or any-term answer for the Chiefs, and he's due $16.5 million over the course of the next two seasons. 

    Let's just hope we don't have to endure a third Cassel benching this season. 

Scott Pioli, General Manager

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    Verdict: Stay

    Scott Pioli isn't an innocent party to the misfortunes of the Chiefs, but he's assembled quite a bevy of talent, and it's not his fault said talent isn't being utilized properly. 

    Pioli learned from the likes of Bill Belichick and was an integral part of the successful New York Jets teams in the late 90s. 

    Give him a good coach to work with, and I'm betting on a nice run of success. 

Romeo Crennel, Head Coach

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    Verdict: Go

    Romeo Crennel and his entire coaching staff need to be fired after the season ends. 

    There isn't one aspect of the team that is being managed well, and it's clear from what we see on Sundays that the players aren't getting the instruction and discipline they need to play up to their potential.

    Crennel has no grasp of how to get a team ready to play, and his coaching staff doesn't prepare well or make necessary adjustments during games. 

    This franchise needs a fiery young coach who is also a good teacher to come in and set things right. 

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