TNA News: Taped Edition of Impact! Wrestling Rises in Viewership

Daniel PeragineSenior Analyst IINovember 17, 2012

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There may be nothing better than a live television product, but even a taped episode could contribute in a few ways.

This past Thursday's edition of Impact! Wrestling, which was taped for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, was able to help TNA see a rise in viewership this week (via TV By the Numbers).

On Thursday night, Impact! Wrestling had 1.35 million viewers, up from last week's total. In adults 18-49, Impact! Wrestling was essentially flat from last week, scoring a 0.4 ratings share.

NFL Thursday Night Football landed the No. 1 spot on cable television once again with 5.37 million viewers and landed a 2.1 rating share in adults 18-49.


Thoughts on Impact! Wrestling Being Taped Instead of Going Live

TNA has its back against the wall next week, as Impact! Wrestling will likely suffer a huge dip in viewership due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Unfortunately for TNA, this ends its run of seeing minor viewership increases over the past two episodes.

It was a bit of a shock to see TNA actually perform well in a taped environment. However, the show really never stood out because it did not have that live factor to it. This past taped edition of Impact! Wrestling had more of a silent crowd and it appeared TNA was taking a step backwards with its production.

Nevertheless, despite the feeling that TNA should remain live after 2012, the taped edition actually helped the company this week in viewership.

Hopefully, TNA will see just how important it is to air live for 2013. The live atmosphere brought so much more energy and it felt TNA was finally getting to where it needs to be as a company. However, after 2012, the company has a decision to make on how to expand Impact! Wrestling.

Perhaps being live in 2012 will spark interest to take Impact! Wrestling more often on the road next year.