Raiders News: Signing Of Hall Provides A Rare Quote Or Two

Rob CalongeAnalyst IMarch 21, 2008

A couple of days ago, I detailed Raiders-Raiders_News_A_Vote_of_Confidence_for_Lane_Kiffin_-190308">evidence that would give you reason to believe that Head Coach Lane Kiffin had indeed gained Al Davis' confidence in his short stay in Oakland.  Some applauded and others questioned my logic.  For those that disagreed, the main reason of dispute to my article was the fact that Lane Kiffin hadn't made a single quote about any of the goings on this off season.

Of course, anyone that has followed the Raiders during this odd off season has read about these points more times than they care to count.  What they haven't read are comments attributed to the young coach.  Until DeAngelo Hall signed late last night, the following are the only comments that anyone has read:

“For whatever it’s worth, I just wanted to let you know that the part about me being out dancing was 100 percent inaccurate,”

“I’m not saying I wasn’t at a bar,” Kiffin said. He added that his wife was not too pleased with the report because she hadn’t seen him dancing in five years.

“Nope,” he said. “Just wanted to let you know I wasn’t out dancing.”

Kiffin hasn't been quoted speaking of anything football related in over two months!  In this day and age of media harassment, instant media, and twenty four hour sports it's really quite an accomplishment that he's been able to avoid having his name put to ANY quote let alone one about his high profile job.  It is admirable that he's more fearful of his wife than he is of his boss, Al Davis, fearful enough to break his silence long enough to set the record straight about dancing.  Excuse my A.I. moment, but we're talkin' 'bout DANCIN' ya'll!

So, after a really boring first night of watching the NCAA College Basketball first round (no upsets), I was shocked to not only find the Raiders made a press release so quickly after signing DeAngelo Hall, or that it mentioned that Hall spoke with Kiffin prior to signing, but that Kiffin actually had something to say...on the record!

Maybe the Raiders are tired of reading the same press clips that Raider Nation has grown weary of, or maybe they pulled Kiffin out of the doghouse long enough to feed him, but I think that these quotes are further evidence that the rift between he and Davis was not only overblown, but also inaccurate.

So what did Kiffin have to say?

“We’re very pleased about the acqusition of DeAngelo Hall to the Raiders."

“This, following offseason signings of Tommy Kelly, and Gibril Wilson, we feel have one of the most talented defenses in the league.”

Granted, I don't know if Coach Kiffin was wearing a Raiders shirt or not and it's not a lot of public speaking, but it's more than we've seen since the end of the season.  What it tells us is that Kiffin will be coaching the Raiders to at least start the season.  Even though I think he'll coach the whole season, I'm not going to try and NFL-Oakland_Raiders-You_d_Have_To_Be_Psychic_To_Guess_What_The_Raiders_Will_Do_Next-200308">guess what Al Davis is thinking at any given moment.  It also tells us that Big Al has forgiven the young coach enough to allow the comments to be put on the site because anyone that follows the Raiders knows that if Mr. Davis doesn't like you, it's as if you've disappeared from the planet.

So for now, Raider Nation can breathe a big sigh of relief.  Their coach will be back, they now have maybe the best corner back tandem in the league, and their owner is only 'mad' in the amount of money that he's spending.  So I guess the next big controversy will be who wears #21 next season?  Will it be Hall or Asomugha?