NCAA: Why I Love Bobby Knight!

Jason ElkinsCorrespondent IMarch 21, 2008

Bobby Knight is arguably the best coach in the history of college basketball.  Here are his stats:

He has the most college basketball wins ever by a single coach with 902, and has won 3 National Titles.

He has win-loss records that most coaches would kill for, and even recently he turned around a losing team in Texas Tech. In his 6 seasons at Texas Tech, he led the team to five 20 win seasons, which was a first at that school.  Oh, and he’s got an Olympic Gold Medal. 

But that’s not why I love Bobby Knight.  

Bobby Knight creates great coaches. 

Steve Alford is now the head coach the University of New Mexico Lobos. He led them to 25 wins this season!

John Feinstein (an author and reporter for the Washington Post) wrote in his book Season on the Brink that no one suffered more at the hands of Bob Knight than Steve Alford. 

"No one was thrown out of practice more often, no one was called more names, and no one, when he was playing for Knight, hated Knight more than Steve Alford".  (To hear Feinstein's entire interview with NPR click here.)

And yet when asked about Bobby Knight, Steve Alford said “he made me a better man, and for that I’m grateful.

But that’s not why I love Bobby Knight.

He is one of the funniest interviewee’s I have ever watched.  During an interview YEARS ago, while the camera crew was getting set up, a reporter jokingly asked him “Coach why do you say F$#% so much?”. 

His response was amazingly funny.  He gives the business to reporters all the time, and let’s face it—many reporters ask really stupid questions. 

But that’s not why I love Bobby Knight.

I love Bobby Knight because he has defined his career on his own terms by doing things his own way

We can debate the methods, and I’m sure there will be some of you that hate him because of his past actions. 

However, in the battlefield of college basketball, I want Bobby Knight in my foxhole.  He’ll scrap and fight and claw…and WIN

Recently Bobby Knight built Texas Tech into a solid program, and in his final act of ‘doing things his own way’, he left a bit of his coaching legacy to his son Pat.  Pat Knight is now the head coach of Texas Tech, and I’m looking forward to more Knight basketball dominance!