WWE/TNA/ROH: My Top 10 Moments of the Week (Nov. 5-9)

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer INovember 11, 2012

WWE/TNA/ROH: My Top 10 Moments of the Week (Nov. 5-9)

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    Another week of professional wrestling has come to an end and it was an overall good week!

    WWE Monday Night Raw was in the middle for me. There were a few good matches, but it was the changes to Survivor Series that left me scratching my head. The overall build for the pay-per-view was good, but it was confusing.

    WWE Super SmackDown Live presented a good show. It featured a number of solid matches while the storyline for Survivor Series was built up well.

    TNA Impact Wrestling delivered a good go-home show with Turning Point just three days away at the time. The storyline were built up very well while the match quality improved quite a bit from last week.

    The Nov. 3 episode of ROH Wrestling was a “Road Rage” edition of the show. That meant that it recapped matches from their recent event Glory by Honor XI. Since there was no new content, Ring of Honor will not be included this week.

    WWE NXT had a showing. It was my first time watching NXT in about a month and I’m glad I’ve gotten back into it.

    What was the show of the week? I want you to decide once again! Click here to vote on what you thought was the best show this week. Results from last week’s poll will be revealed at the end.

    This week was a hard one to number, but here are my top 10 moments of the week starting with what I thought was the worst moment this week!

Worst Moment of the Week

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    I thought that the worst moment this week was the Divas tag team match that saw Divas champion Eve Torres and Aksana take on Kaitlyn and Layla.

    Kaitlyn pinning Eve was the only good thing to come from the match as it helps set up Eve vs. Kaitlyn for the Divas Championship, whether that be at Survivor Series or TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs. The match as a whole was just awful, though.

    It was very slow and disturbingly sloppy. While Eve, Kaitlyn and Layla are no master technicians, they have developed into solid performers. The three of them can have a good match when given the chance, but they just couldn’t carry Aksana.

    With women like Natalya and Tamina Snuka on the roster, it confuses me as to why one of them wasn’t involved with Aksana just in their corner since she is involved in the storyline.

    WWE should keep her as someone’s valet/manager, or send her to NXT for more training. The Divas division is finally getting some attention, but it’s Divas like Aksana that ultimately give it a bad name.

No. 10: Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    I was surprised by this match. Kofi Kingston and Alberto Del Rio have faced-off multiple times this year, and most of the time it saw Del Rio taking Kingston down within a few minutes.

    With Kingston having no real direction at the time and WWE trying to keep Del Rio looking strong for some reason, I understand why it was happening, but I was disappointed with it. This match made up for all of those other matches, though.

    This one lasted more than a few minutes and was actually a good contest. Could it have been better? Of course it could have, but they delivered in the time they were given. Both Kingston and Del Rio are talented performers and they were able to showcase that here.

    He may have a boring and very stale gimmick, but Del Rio can have a match! Kingston is always impressive, whether his match is 30 seconds or 30 minutes long. He’s a human highlight reel and will treat the fans to something big no matter how much time he has.

    Randy Orton’s involvement was a nice touch. It advanced his feud with Del Rio heading into SmackDown and it finally gave Kingston a victory over him!

No. 9: Sheamus and William Regal vs. the Big Show and Wade Barrett

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    When Teddy Long was taken out of power, and not given it back, I was hoping the days of main event tag team matches was over. I guess having Teddy as Booker T’s advisor is just as bad. While this wasn’t the main event, it featured the main SmackDown storyline, so it’s close enough.

    Either way, this was a good match here. Things started out pretty even between the two teams, but it became one-sided when William Regal became the “face in peril.” The former Intercontinental champion was great in the role, though.

    He sold for the Big Show and Wade Barrett very well and made them look true heels. When Regal was able to get in some offense, he was as solid as ever. The man has still got it in the ring; it’s a shame WWE doesn’t give him the chance to wrestle outside of their tours of Europe.

    The other three superstars performed great here as well, especially Barrett. I think he’s ready to reenter the main event. I would prefer if he chases the WWE Championship, though, since Dolph Ziggler has the Money in the Bank briefcase and I don’t want to see him turn face.

    And I definitely don’t want to see Barrett as a good guy.

No. 8: Mysterio, Sin Cara and R-Truth vs. Prime Time Players and Antonio Cesaro

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    This six-man tag team match opened Monday Night Raw from England and it was a great way to start the show! The six involved kept up the pace while a lot of good back-and-forth action was delivered.

    I’m really starting to get on board with Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. At first, I saw it as kind of a demotion for Mysterio, but it really isn’t. He has helped Sin Cara in the ring a lot since their pairing and they work quite well together. I hope WWE keeps them together for a while.

    I love the Prime Time Players as a team, but I’m growing bored with their gimmick. I feel like they lost a lot of steam when AW was released and they haven’t been able to recover since then. I think they’ll soon become like the Usos, which is a good team with zero direction.

    As for the Antonio Cesaro/R-Truth feud, I really have no interest in it. I’m glad that the United States Championship is involved in a storyline, but I just don’t see R-Truth as a credible challenger at this point. Unless their matches are good, I fear I’ll never get into it.

No. 7: Daniels, Kazarian and Magnus vs. Guerrero, Hernandez and Samoa Joe

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    The main event of Impact Wrestling this past Thursday was a six-man tag team match featuring the Tag Team and Television Championship feuds. I have noticed a lot of good six-man tag matches lately from both WWE and TNA Wrestling, which I think is great.

    The match is a good way to get two or three storylines into one match, and if done well, the storylines are built up nicely. I fell that this match was an example of that.

    The match itself was a good one as it gave fans a fast paced, back-and-froth match, but it was also good for storyline development. With Turning Point just three days away at the time, it worked out perfectly.

    The heels picked up the win here when Magnus pinned Samoa Joe, so the heels have the momentum going into the event. Magnus now owns a pinfall victory over his opponent. That will either benefit him or bring out the “Joe’s Gonna Kill You” part of Samoa Joe. Either way, they’ll have a great match.

    The Tag Team Championship match should be a good one as well seeing as both teams are great together.

No. 6: Kofi Kingston vs. the Miz

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    Since this feud started, Kofi Kingston and the Miz have been delivering inside the squared circle. They have been giving fans multiple good matches and this one was no different. With solid back-and-forth action, Kingston and the Miz gave the WWE Universe another show here.

    I loved how Miz worked on Kingston’s knee. A large part of the champion’s offense is his legs, whether that’s him jumping off the top rope or hitting Trouble in Paradise. Taking those out incapacitates Kingston.

    While he would retain the Intercontinental Championship, the Miz did a great job working over the leg and Kingston did a good job selling for him. Both wrestlers impressed here, but I have to wonder what the status of the feud is.

    This match would mark the fourth time they’ve faced one-on-one. All four times Kingston would defeat the Miz, so I figured this would be the final match, especially since the Miz is off of the Survivor Series team that opposed the champion.

    With the Miz offering a handshake and Kingston dropkicking him instead, I get the feeling that this isn't over just yet. I’m perfectly fine with that, though, since they’ll be having at least one more great match.

No. 5: Justin Gabriel vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Jinder Mahal vs. Bo Dallas

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    The main event of WWE NXT was this fatal four way match to determine the No. 1 contender for the NXT Championship. The match was elimination style and it saw Bo Dallas eliminate both Drew McIntyre and Justin Gabriel back-to-back with a spear.

    Gabriel’s elimination was a little impressive seeing as Dallas caught him mid-air. Before the two eliminations, all four superstars presented some good back-and-forth action while keeping up a quick pace. When it came down to just Dallas and Jinder Mahal, they continued to have a solid match and finished off strong.

    It was weird seeing McIntyre and Mahal in their old gimmicks here, but I’m happy to see them actually wrestling and not air guitaring. Gabriel is always impressive while Dallas was the star of the match.

    I was disappointed when he lost. The match was won by Mahal, which is a little boring to me. It’s because he’s boring, it’s because the last time I watched NXT he was the No. 1 contender.

    With the title match taking place next week, hopefully Seth Rollins will get a new challenger soon.

No. 4: The Austin Aries/Jeff Hardy Segment

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    Impact Wrestling came to a close with this segment and it provided some great build for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship ladder match at Turning Point.

    Starting out with Austin Aries talking about beating Jeff Hardy at his own game and finishing with a great shot of Aries on top of the ladder posing like Hardy, I thought this was a great overall segment.

    Aries was strong on the mic and delivered a great promo, which really is nothing new. A Double continues to be one of the best mic workers in TNA. Hardy didn’t even touch a microphone and I’m thankful for that. The Charismatic Enigma rarely cuts a good promo and putting him up against Aries is just a disaster waiting to happen.

    Hardy can still go in the ring, so that is a good thing, but it’s just a shame that after all these years he’s still not that good on the mic.

    Their little brawl over the world title was a nice touch, while Aries pushing Hardy off the ladder and stealing his pose just tied everything off with a nice bow.

    Hardy is at his best in a ladder match and Aries can adapt to just about any style of match. The main event of Turning Point should be a great one. 

No. 3: Sheamus vs. the Miz

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    I thought that this was a very good match right here. With some great back-and-forth action, the two former world champions delivered a solid match.

    I find myself enjoying the work of Sheamus much more now that he’s no longer the world heavyweight champion. Don’t get me wrong, he had a good reign with the title, but there’s something about him without it that I like.

    He’s hungrier now and it’s bringing the warrior back out of him. While I did like him as champion, I think he’s better as the hunter than the hunted.

    Perhaps I’m the only one that feels this way, but I hope WWE keeps the title off of him for the rest of 2012 and most of 2013. It’s time for other people to shine anyway.

    As for the Miz, he really should be back in the main event picture. He has been giving consistently good matches since his return and has been at the top of his game over the past few weeks. He’s back at the level he was when he was WWE champion and he very well could be even better at this point.

    I don’t know what’s going on with his character, but WWE needs to keep the Miz looking strong!

No. 2: Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    This Fall Count Anywhere match between Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio was a good one. It featured a lot of physicality, use of weapons and just overall very entertaining action.

    This kind of match isn’t what it used to be. I remember a time when two superstars used to beat the hell out of each other inside and outside the ring, and when I say outside the ring I really mean outside. I haven’t seen a Falls Count Anywhere match go outside the arena in years!

    I liked how this one went to the lobby. Most in WWE these days will end up backstage, if we’re lucky, and into the crowd. They didn’t stay out there too long, but it was a nice touch.

    I was disappointed that the match ended inside the ring when a fall counted anywhere, though. At the same time, I really enjoyed the match. Both Orton and Del Rio gave it their all in a kind of match that doesn’t really fit TV-PG on paper. They made it work, so it came across very well.

    Despite them being on opposite sides in a traditional Survivor Series elimination match next week, I suspect this feud is over, and I’m glad it could be. I feel WWE needs Orton back in the main event, and for Del Rio to just go away, or at the very least get a new gimmick.

No. 1: AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode

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    Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling opened with this match and it was a great way to open the show! Last week’s episode was very lackluster in terms of match quality, but this match alone made up for it.

    This match was quite even from start to finish and could have really gone to anybody. These two wrestlers delivered a lot of great wrestling action, and it’s a match like this why I love TNA!

    Sure, they don’t always have great matches, but when they do, they’re great to see. Both AJ Styles and Bobby Roode delivered here and this was also a nice preview to the triple threat match at Turning Point.

    James Storm would get involved as well, though not physically. His distraction would end up costing Styles the match, which creates tension between the two face wrestlers going into the match. Roode picking up the victory makes him cocky heading into the show and that could lead to his downfall.

    The match itself at the event worries me because the one to take the fall won’t be allowed a title shot until Bound for Glory next year. While they all deserve to be the No. 1 contender, it’ll be hard to see one of them have to take a backseat for a year.

Poll Results/Cast Your Vote

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    Here are the results of last week’s poll on what you thought was the best show of the week:

    • TNA Impact Wrestling: 47.6 percent
    • WWE Hell in a Cell: 23.8 percent
    • WWE Raw: 23.8 percent
    • ROH Wrestling: 4.8 percent
    • WWE Main Event, NXT, Superstars, SmackDown: 0 percent

    Looks likes the readers saw TNA Impact Wrestling as the best show last week, which breaks the trend of Raw taking the top spot before I took a break. Don’t forget to cast your vote for what you thought was this week’s best show with the results being revealed next week!

    Well, that’s it for me. Thanks for reading!

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