TNA Impact Wrestling: Complete Preview, Rumors, News and More for November 8

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistNovember 7, 2012

When TNA Impact Wrestling comes live to the wrestling fans across the world Thursday night, the company will be putting on its go-home show before Sunday’s Turning Point pay-per-view.

As stunning as it is to realize that TNA’s next PPV is less than a week away—despite the fact that the build to the event has been insufficient—the card is actually shaping up to be very interesting.

While TNA struggles to put together cohesive and interesting storylines, the talented roster always sells out on PPVs, and Turning Point will be no different.

Despite a lackluster build and few interesting secondary storylines, this will be TNA’s final chance to make the fans care enough about this event to order it.

Let’s see if they have what it takes to make it all work.


Where: Universal Studios, Orlando, Fla.

When: Thursday, Nov. 8 at 8 p.m. ET

Watch: Spike TV


The Company Needs a Turning Point

It is unbelievable that it’s already time for the next TNA PPV, Turning Point. With more talk about Aces and Eights and Gut Check than anything to do with the next event, it is no wonder that the build to the company’s November PPV has been poor.

Question on Everybody's Mind: Why would we order this PPV?

As much as TNA will use this go-home show to tie up the loose ends to the storylines the company started, it’s too late to get the casual wrestling fans to care about these matches. If the people at home don’t care about the people or the matches they’re in, why would they order the event?

Hype Meter: 3 out of 5 desperate go-home shows

TNA  has the talent to make every PPV memorable, and the shows are normally amazing. As much as the build to the company’s pay-per-views is often awful, the performers sell out for the PPVs as if they don’t know that no one is watching.

I would rather watch a TNA PPV than an actual episode of Impact.

TNA Rumors: Eric Young leaving TNA Wrestling? (TNAWrestlingNews)


Luke Gallows in the Impact Zone

The hope with the Aces and Eights gang initially was that the company would be using it to infuse new blood into the company. With the first anti-climatic reveal being Devon, there was no way the company would give us a non-star once again. WRONG!

Question on Everybody's Mind: Why Luke Gallows?

Not only did TNA reveal another member of the gang last Thursday, the company refused to say his name and just teased him as “an enforcer to the biggest names in the business.” If you didn’t watch WWE for the nine minutes Festus was there, that means you had no idea who this wrestler was. That kind of reveal will not get fans to tune in the next week.

Hype Meter: 2 out of 5 put-the-mask-back-on stipulations

After it became very obvious that Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco would also be revealed as part of the gang in the future, the hope that TNA was changing its ways was completely wrong. Not only is Luke Gallows not helping the ratings, this whole motorcycle-gang angle has been nothing but a burden; TNA must not allow this to drag on for too much longer.

TNA Rumors: Confirming the unmasked mystery man (TNAWrestlingNews)


Building to the Main-Event Ladder Match

The most frustrating part of TNA is that the company has all the pieces to be a legitimately great wrestling show, but they are constantly building feuds the wrong way and killing any momentum the participants have. While a ladder match between TNA world champion Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries is perfect, how they got there over the last month is laughable.

Question on Everybody's Mind: Why can’t TNA get the fans to care about great matches?

While I will be the first to admit that the main event between Hardy and Aries will be an amazing match, that doesn’t make the build to the event better. The casual fans still don’t understand the problems between the two combatants because TNA keeps giving us different answers. Aries should just be going for the title, not seeking revenge because he is jealous of Hardy.

Hype Meter: 1 out of 5 in-head, go-home promos

How can the TNA Universe take this storyline seriously when the biggest portion of this new Hardy character is the fact that the fans can hear his inner thoughts in prerecorded segments? In what could be the worst idea in wrestling history—at least since Claire Lynch—TNA fans are too busy laughing at Hardy to care about the match itself. It’s a shame too because the match will be five-star caliber.

TNA News: Scott Steiner suing TNA over Jeff Hardy (Nashville City Paper)


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