New York Mets: 3 Dream Trade Scenarios for R.A. Dickey

Mitch Petanick@firstpitchmitchCorrespondent INovember 9, 2012

New York Mets: 3 Dream Trade Scenarios for R.A. Dickey

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    The more and more I think about it, the more and more it makes sense—the Mets will be trading RA Dickey this winter. RA Dickey has been an excellent Mets player, but fans cannot let their emotions get in the way of what could be one of the smartest things this Mets team can do—sell high on Dickey.

    The question: Who is in the market for a 20-game-winning pitcher who comes with a price tag of $5M? The answer: everyone.

    Teams will be throwing players at the Mets left and right to try and swing a deal for the knuckleballer. The Mets have the luxury of sitting back and reviewing the offers as they all come in. Dickey will be awarded to the highest bidder. It’s that simple.

    There are a couple of things the Mets have to do to ensure they don’t screw this up though. First off, they have to get an established player for Dickey. They would need an outfielder that can help the team right now, or it’s not worth dealing him. Secondly, the Mets should look to trade him to an American League team. Under no circumstances should they trade him within the division (and preferably out of the National League).

    Keeping those limitations in mind, here are three trade scenarios that would make the Mets think long and hard about giving up Dickey this offseason.

Baltimore Orioles—Nick Markakis

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    The Orioles shocked everyone in 2012. Now they are going to try to finish what they started in 2013. The Orioles would be able to plug Dickey right into their rotation and pretty much be guaranteed 15-20 wins next season in exchange for Nick Markakis.

    Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports notes that one of the potential landing spots for Josh Hamilton is Baltimore, which could make Markakis expendable. As a career .295 hitter, Markakis would immediately bring stability to a very shaky New York Mets outfield.

Arizona Diamondbacks—Justin Upton

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    What trade discussion involving outfielders doesn’t include Justin Upton at this point?

    A young, talented, power-hitting outfielder would look great in blue and orange. The Mets would be crazy to not entertain an Upton trade offer for Dickey.

    Upton is coming off a statistically bad season, but he’s just entering his prime and is still one of the best young outfielders in the game. The Mets should make it a priority to see if the Diamondbacks would be willing to send Upton over to Queens in a deal that included Dickey.

    Dickey would help strengthen an already strong rotation in Arizona in hopes that they can get over the hump and become the team to beat in the NL West during 2013.

Kansas City Royals—Alex Gordon

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    This would be the crown jewel for the Mets if they could lure him away from the Royals this winter with a trade offer that includes Dickey.

    Kansas City has a ton of young hitters in their organization, so there will be many teams knocking at their door to see if they are willing to part with Gordon. Dickey is a good fit for the fiscally responsible Royals because of his very affordable price tag. Gordon is a good fit for the Mets, but let’s face it, just about anyone is a good fit for the Mets outfield situation at this point.

    In all seriousness though, Gordon is only 28 years old and is starting to put together some very solid seasons. He may never reach the level where many projected him to be when he was drafted #2 back in the 2005 MLB draft, but he sure would be a nice fit in the Mets outfield.