Crybabies Put Browns-Lions-Broncos On The Clock !!

ollie oleCorrespondent IMarch 16, 2009

Jay Cutler wants out, the Lions need a QB to make Calvin Johnson the superstar his potential suggests, and the Browns just need to get out of Expansion Hell!

Let's see what the three teams have done so far:

The Broncos have been scooping up as many veterans as they could find to make a playoff run. Jay "Cry me a River" Cutler has scuttled those plans, so wunderkind coach Josh McDaniels needs plan B to steal Bellicheck's (who must be laughing his butt off as he cut his coaching branches off and burning them) mantle as supercoach.

The Lions have quietly gone about trading Corey Redding (DT) for a veteran LB in Julian Peterson, so are they dismissing the thought of taking Aaron Curry No. 1?

The Browns, on the other hand, have been rummaging through the Tannebaum Jets' trashes.

I first proposed the three-way trade involving these three teams here.

I still believe Calvin Johnson deserves as QB that's not on a steep learning curve as a rookie. The Lions' management ,and Cutler's agent, seem to be on the same wavelength since Cutler seems adamant on a trade.

The other "Big Baby" is Shaun Rogers, who without the big shoulders of Romeo Crennel needs a better babysitter than "Mr Communicator" Eric Mangini. If Rogers is traded, the Browns most likely need to trade out of the No. 5 position in order to offset Rogers' cap cost. The other DT of value is Corey Williams, who the Lions might like to replace the departed Redding.

The revised trade might look like:

1. The Lions trade picks No. 20, 33 and another second-rounder (and second round in 2010) to the Broncos for Cutler; they get Corey Williams in plan B;

2. Browns trade Derek Anderson/Brady Quinn and Shaun Rogers to the Broncos; or No 5 and QB to the Broncos and Corey Williams to the Lions; I believe McDaniels might take DA instead of Quinn (for the golden boy lovers ;)

3. Broncos trade picks Nos. 12, 20, 33, and 48 to the Browns.

The Lions are happy that they have a franchise QB, whose No. 1 in Jason Smith will protect for the next 10 years, plus Corey Williams in plan B.

The Broncos get a franchise QB and the NT in Shaun "Big Baby" Rogers who will slot in nicely into their brand new 3-4 defense, or they get No. 5 for BJ Raji.

And for the Browns fans, picks No. 12, 20, 33, and 48 to the Browns (with a total of six picks in the top 50), giving them Maualuga as the enforcer at ILB they desperately need, a DT midround, and Clay Matthews III to bring old tradition and name back to the Browns!

Obviously there needs to be some jiggling of lower round picks to make up value, but the overall trade looks sound.