Los Angeles Lakers: Firing Mike Brown Reflects Poor Leadership from the Top

James KaminskyContributor IIINovember 9, 2012

Why Fire Brown Now? The Timing is INSANE
Why Fire Brown Now? The Timing is INSANEStephen Dunn/Getty Images

The biggest question after the firing of Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike Brown is for owner Jim Buss. 

Why now?

Ever since Jim Buss took over for his father Dr. Jerry Buss as decision maker, questionable moves have been made all over the table. Things in Laker Land haven't been the same since Jim took over, and the most recent move symbolizes all of the confusion that surrounds this team, just five games into the regular season.

Let's go back to the end of the 2011 season. After the Mavericks swept the Lakers, Phil Jackson walked off into the sunset and all of Lakers Nation assumed assistant coach Brian Shaw was next up. Shaw had only been with the Lakers since playing with Kobe and Shaq and had learned from Phil year after year. 

Some people in the organization had doubts, and many looked to Rick Adelman as perhaps the next leader. But Buss on his own, after meeting Brown for just a few minutes, decided he was the right choice.

Kobe didn't even know.

And now, after an offseason headlined by the arrivals of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard, the Lakers are suddenly left without Brown, and without a coach.

In Miami's first season with the Big 3, the Heat started off slow, going 8-9 and at one point calling a players-only meeting. People speculated that Spoelstra was out and Riley was in.


Remember the LeBron chest bump?

The team needed time. After two years, and months of Spoelstra on the hot seat, the Heat finally got their rings.

It took passion and patience. Riley knew they had the talent, they just needed time.

The Lakers needed time, and Jim Buss threw it away.

Now the Lakers will be weeks behind. Any replacement other than Phil Jackson will require weeks of training and practice.

The Princeton Offense is gone. Finished. There are no more plans.

So now, after an incredibly impetuous decision, the Lakers are left without a coaching leader. Who will lead this team temporarily? Bernie Bickerstaff? Eddie Jordan?

Jim Buss, out of irrational fear and a lack of patience, has quite possibly ruined this Lakers season.

Jerry Buss's Lakers were often the face of consistency and comfort. They didn't restart, they reloaded.

Jim Buss's Lakers are unorganized, chaotic and indecisive. It starts with the leader.

You don't want Bynum elbowing J.J. Barea? Then don't have an owner who encourages immaturity. The way Jim Buss makes decisions shows that the organization isn't thinking straight. They are in panic mode five games into the season.


The record is unacceptable for the level of talent on the team. But why spend an entire offseason with Mike Brown if you were going to fire him this early? What is the reasoning?

Why didn't Jim Buss just fire him after last season? Or never hire him in the first place, the obvious choice!

The Lakers will only return to greatness when their leadership does too. Even with Kobe, Nash, Pau, Dwight and Metta, the Lakers will only be mediocre until they jell under one system with one leader.

That system is gone, stripped away, and so is the leader. So now, with 77 games remaining, it will be someone else who needs to come in and repair everything that Mike Brown did for the last few months.

The Lakers are dealing with problems like these? It seems more fitting for a team like the Knicks, who really have a buffoon for an owner.

This is quite possibly the most ridiculous move in the history of the NBA. If you didn't want Brown, don't hire him in the first place. If you don't want him for this year, fire him in May. Never fire a coach five games into the season.

It's madness.

If Kobe wants to get his sixth ring this year, the players will need to come together overnight and start winning ball games.

Right now it looks as if the only level-headed ones are those playing on the court.