Rajon Rondo Teaches Math at Boston Area High School

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Rajon Rondo Teaches Math at Boston Area High School
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Widely known for dropping dimes as the Boston Celtics' star point guard, Rajon Rondo dropped some hardcore algebra knowledge on ninth graders Jeremiah E. Burke High School in Dorchester, Mass. on Wednesday.

The All-Star point guard tweeted a picture of himself and the students' regular teacher, Ms. Oshodi, early Wednesday morning:

Consider me (along with just about every basketball fan) bitter and jealous. The only cool thing that ever happened when I was in ninth grade was when my civics teacher got sick for three days and we watched Radio in class.

One quick note, though, Rajon: It's been since sophomore year at college since I've taken any math-related courses, but it's puzzling how you got to 5x = 70 from that problem. My rudimentary math skills worked it out to be 3x = 42, which garners the same answer of 14, but with a strangely different path of getting there.

On the other hand, I may be remiss to question Rondo's math skills. 

Legend has it that Rondo is actually quite the mathematician. According to high school coach Doug Bibby, Rondo used to be able to nail math problems without taking notes or his book to class.

Here is what Bibby said in 2009, per the Boston Herald's Mark Murphy:

He never used to bring his book to class or take any notes. There were quite a few times when I gave out a problem for the class to work on, and he would just blurt out the answer. I would kind of get (ticked) because I thought he was just being an (expletive).

After that stop, Rondo continued his teaching tour de force at Ms. Blake's classroom at Harbor Middle School:

While it's unclear whether he actually did any teaching for Ms. Blake, Rondo has always been known to defer credit. Maybe instead of teaching, he simply gave her (gasp) an assist?

And before you get all cynical and say this all seems like the latest publicity stunt bound for an upcoming NBA Cares commercial, Rondo actually planned these visits without the help of public relations personnel, according to TMZ.

Just a great, classy move that undoubtedly made the lives of every kid that saw the Celtics franchise player roaming the halls on Wednesday. 

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