TJ's Quick Hits: NFC West Edition

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TJ's Quick Hits: NFC West Edition

Arizona Cardinals

If anyone says they predicted having the Cardinals in the Super Bowl last year, they're lying. For that matter, no one even expected them to win the NFC West.

Larry Fitzgerald basically sold me on the fact that he's the best receiver in the game today. Sorry, Chad, Terrell, Anquan, Andre, and Calvin, but when he's breaking Jerry Rice's playoff records, then he's the top dog.

Not to mention the fact that you have to love the Anquan Boldin drama that's surrounded this team since the regular season. Will he stay or will he go? What can they get for him? Can Steve Breaston step up and be the No. 2 option?

Is Kurt Warner the next Brett Favre? Will he battle with bouts of senility on the field? Will he get sacked and break a hip? Possibly a more important question—will he make the Hall of Fame?

At least Edgerrin James has one Super Bowl ring, even though he wasn't on the team during the Super Bowl win. For some reason the Colts gave him one for all his contributions to the team.

Um, all right then, I guess...

Also, anyone else think that Tim Hightower is going to hit a brick wall next year? And look at that secondary; it's going to boast Antrel Rolle, Adrian Wilson, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, and Bryant McFadden next season. Their defense is going to be better next year; the only question is, how much better?

Anyone calling a second straight Super Bowl run for them?

San Francisco 49ers

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Is Mike Singletary going to be a good coach? Is he going to continue to expose himself by pulling his pants down in the locker room? Do the players enjoy it, or do they have the urge to call the wonderful people from Law & Order Special Victims Unit?

In all seriousness, they have one of the more dominant linebackers in the league right now in Patrick Willis. Unfortunately, one player does not make a team.

But wait. They have Frank Gore, too. Do two players make a team?

Probably not.

Will the Niners ever return to their former glory? Probably one day, such is the way of the NFL. No one team can be continually dominant in the grand scheme of things.

Seattle Seahawks

Two things come to mind when I'm thinking about the Seahawks.

1. Shaun Alexander and how I was right all along about him.

2. Matt Hasselbeck's illegal block after throwing an interception in Super Bowl XL. That one kind of made me laugh, really.

The Seahawks are really in bad shape and are going to be clawing their way up from the bottom of the NFC West for a few years now, more than likely.

I know teams don't like to use the R-word, but they're going to have to begin rebuilding.

St. Louis Rams

The Greatest Show On Turf, right?

Case in point of how sequels are never as good as the original.

The Rams are like the Frankenstein of the NFL, picking up former stars from other teams and hoping to a higher power that they pan out.

Granted, Marc Bulger could be good, if he had tools around him. Stephen Jackson is a great back, but has no line.

Well, there's always Orlando Pace to block for him, right? What? They cut him too? Of course, we all saw that coming, or should have. He's getting up there in years and is injury prone.

So, there's really only one team I can see winning this division, and that's the Cardinals. Of course, that really means nothing, because no one saw the Cardinals winning it last year. So, it's time to roll some dice and keep going until I hit a number between one and four...that's how I'm picking the division winner.

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Arizona Cardinals

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