Hull City and Dean Windass—The Neverending Story, Pt. 2: Coaching the Tigers

Brian RhodesSenior Analyst IMarch 16, 2009

The saga continues for Mr. Windass. The 39-year old Hull native is in discussions with his parent club, Hull City.

Oldham Chairman Simon Blitz, who recently sacked Oldham manager John Sheridan, has stated that Windass is discussing his role with Hull City, although he is still registered for the rest of the season with the Latics.

John Sheridan's demise as the Oldham manager was sealed with the 6-2 defeat to MK Dons last Saturday, but it was the altercation on a team night out that led to his ultimate dismissal as the club's manager.

At the time of the incident on the Oldham club night out, the English press went to town in reports that Hull's prodigal son, Dean Windass, was at the root of the incident.

Old reports of the Scarborough casino kerfuffle with notorious bad boy Marlon King were dragged out as a pattern emerged.

However, the press, as it does, had fired both barrels too early. It later appeared that Dean Windass was nowhere to be seen.

He wasn't even out with his Oldham teammates that night, but tucked up warm in bed with a mug of cocoa and his wife.

This all leaves Windass with some tough choices to make. Does he throw the towel in with regard to his playing career? This is a decision he has so far tried very hard to not make.

He tried to finagle his way back into the Hull City first team at the start of the Premiership season, then he managed to conjure a loan move when this didn't work to a team with promotion aspirations to avoid making that dreaded retirement call.

Hull City Chairman Paul Duffen as gone on record stating that any rumours about Windass returning to Hull City as a member of the coaching staff are just that: a "rumour."

So, Windass was at the Kingston Communication Stadium on Saturday to watch the Tigers take on Newcastle United, as he wasn't picked to play for Oldham.

Does this mean the Prodigal son is returning home, or will he be sent packing with his tail between his legs for his persistent and petulant ramblings in his weekly blog?