Jay Cutler, Grow Up!

Scott BrownCorrespondent IMarch 16, 2009

Raise your hand, if you've had just about all you can stomach of Jay Cutler and the Denver Bronco's this offseason.   

I honestly saw this story break as a footnote to the Matt Cassell trade. Seriously, the last paragraph of the ESPN story mentioned that Patriots made the deal after the Denver deal apparently fell through.

It was a minor note regarding a trade that never happened, yet here we are almost a month later talking about hurt feelings, disrespect and a whinny snot-nosed QB that feels he has become bigger than the franchise that drafted him.

Allow me to hit the brakes on this story once and for all and give Jay Cutler some good advice.  The same good advice that his agent should be giving him rather than filling Cutler's head with this nonsense about disrespect and how the Broncos have done wrong by Jay.

Shut up Jay...Just shut up.  Keep your mouth closed.  When you feel the need to open your mouth and say something stupid take a deep breathe, exhale, and then shut up!

You are not Peyton Manning, you are not Tom Brady which means you are no untouchable. 

You are not Marvin Harrison, Torry Holt or Shaun Alexander, three people who have legitimately more to grip about as far as disrespect goes based on their NFL body of work, yet they remain silent.

You are a spoiled quarterback who saw his potential rewarded with a $48 Million dollar contract back 2006.  Since that contract you are the quarterback of a football team that is 17-20 with absolutely no playoff appearances for your team in that time.

Jay Cutler, you are insane to think that the new coach isn't going to immediately question your results.  To believe that your record over the last three years indicates that you are an untouchable just illustrates how out of touch with reality you truly are.

Should the Broncos be upset or offended with you if decide at some point in your career to test the open market through free agency, I don't think so.

In closing Jay Culter, I believe you should take the lesson of Drew Brees to heart.  This guy was a class act in San Diego, he basically had to play the season of his life just to keep his spot on the Chargers roster and even though he was a top-five QB when he became a free agent, the Chargers still let him walk as they felt that they could get by with Rivers and use that money elsewhere to improve the team.

Drew Brees didn't sulk or let on that he felt betrayed, he signed a new deal and let his play on the field do the talking.  He took every snap as a chance to let his play prove if the Chargers had made a mistake.

Drew Brees has handled a very similar situation with class, and productivity on the field.  Jay Culter you could learn alot from a guy like him, or another number of veterans with more than three years of experience under their belt.  

You just need to shut up long enough to hear what they are saying. 

Get over it and prove Josh McDaniels was wrong to want to trade you by winning games on the football field, not sulking in the press.