Scott Steiner Reportedly Suing TNA for Incident with Jeff Hardy

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistNovember 6, 2012

Courtesy of TNA Wrestling
Courtesy of TNA Wrestling

Former WWE and TNA superstar Scott Steiner is suing TNA for putting him in the ring with Jeff Hardy during a time when Steiner believed Hardy to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs, according to a report by Pierce Greenberg in the Nashville City Paper

According to the lawsuit filed in Davidson County Circuit Court, Steiner suffered nerve damage in his shoulder and neck as well as a bicep injury due to what he called Hardy’s reckless, drunken wrestling.

The report also says that Steiner "is seeking $750,000 in damages, including loss of consortium for his wife."

This is an interesting development that could get ugly, depending on how far Steiner takes it in court. It is possible that he is just seeking some kind of financial reward after TNA released him earlier this year. 

However, as wrestling fans are well aware, Hardy has had his issues with substance abuse.

In 2008, when Hardy worked for WWE, he was suspended for failing a drug test right as he was about to receive one of the biggest pushes of his career. 

There was an infamous incident at TNA Victory Road in March 2011, where Hardy was scheduled to wrestle Sting in the main event. It was clear watching Hardy walk down the ramp and doing his shtick inside the ring that something was not right.

The match lasted less than two minutes and was one of the biggest debacles in recent wrestling history. 

Whether Steiner can prove anything against Hardy in court is a whole other story, as there has been no indication, at least on camera, that Hardy has had issues since that incident well over a year ago.