New York Mets Could Trade R.A. Dickey and Alienate Fans

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New York Mets Could Trade R.A. Dickey and Alienate Fans
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According to, the New York Mets have picked up the option on Cy Young candidate R.A. Dickey. They could also be looking to trade him before the 2013 season begins.

The thought process behind such a move makes sense in a cold and calculated business manner. The Mets have so many holes on their team that they need to start filling them sooner rather than later.

They desperately need outfielders and a lineup around David Wright and Ike Davis. Their bullpen is a mess, and they need depth in their rotation.

Maybe moving a Cy Young contender at the peak of his value would fill a hole or two. Perhaps knowing that at age 37, the Mets are not likely to get many more 20 win seasons out of the knuckleballer. And maybe the Mets know that trading away Wright would cause major rifts with the fan base that would not be repaired any time soon.

According to Andy Martino of The New York Daily News, at least one American League executive thinks that "10, 12 teams, maybe more, would be in on him if the Mets decided to move him."

Maybe a bidding war would fill a few holes instantly. A $5 million salary for a 20-win, innings-eating starter would fetch a lot in the trade market.

But with the Mets trying to actually win over a fan base instead of alienate them, could they afford to trade the best story they have had in years? Shouldn't the Mets consider him to be one of the reasons to actually come out to CitiField?

Would Mets fans totally turn on a team that moves Dickey but has Jason Bay still on the payroll?

The Mets should only pull the trigger if they get two can't-miss pieces for the future..

And then be prepared for the frustration of seeing Dickey collect his Cy Young elsewhere.

Only a pair of can't-miss prospects is worth that.

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