Mississippi State Uniforms: Breaking Down Bulldogs' 'Snow Bowl' Unis

Tyler ConwayFeatured ColumnistNovember 3, 2012

Photo Credit: SaturdayDownSouth.com
Photo Credit: SaturdayDownSouth.com

Unveiled earlier this year along with new uniforms for the 2012 Egg Bowl, the Mississippi State Bulldogs finally broke out their "Snow Bowl" look for Saturday's contest against the Texas A&M Aggies.

Meant to commemorate the two schools' epic clash in the 2000 Independence Bowl, the uniforms were designed by Adidas with an all-white theme in mind. 

For those who follow jersey trends, you'll notice that a mostly white base is becoming a trend in uniform design. The most notable example of that from this season was Maryland sporting its "White Ops" jerseys against West Virginia. 

With the Terrapins' look and the Independence Bowl history to live up to, how do these uniforms grade out? Here's a complete breakdown of Mississippi State's "Snow Bowl" look.


Helmet: 10/10

While some may consider the oversize Bully logo on the helmet to be gaudy and amateurish, I love it. These uniforms were designed with a one-time deal in mind, and they remind me of a similar look Nike designed for Boise State last season.

I'm especially fond of the way Mississippi State's logo sticks out on the back of the helmet. It's non-traditional and may cause some to shake their canes at the television at the old folks home, but for a younger generation, it's eye-catching in a way that the Bulldogs' uniforms usually aren't.


Jersey: 8.5/10

Aligning perfectly with the helmet and the theme of the day, these jerseys are yet another win for the designers at Adidas.

The all-white uniforms are adorned with grey lettering that matches the helmet and that same grey color continues with the stripe across the shoulders, something new to the Bulldogs' uniforms this season. 

As to keep with the school's color design, those letters and the names of players are printed in Mississippi State's signature maroon color.

As a whole, these undoubtedly work with the theme. I just wish they would have found more ways to integrate the maroon so that the look stood out more.


Pants: 7/10

Obviously, you can't stick with the "Snow Bowl" theme and have pants that are anything except all-white.

The designers worked in some of the gray coloring with the stripe down, but it's something that is barely noticeable for the average viewer.

In short, the pants do their job, but work far better as part of the ensemble than as an individual piece that stands out. 


Overall: 9/10

Oftentimes designers make the mistake of creating uniforms that utilize unseemly flash to create a buzz—especially when the team will wear them just once.

However, Adidas bucked that trend, choosing a sophisticated look that honors one of the more memorable games in Mississippi State's history. 

Other than the pants, perhaps the only disappointing thing about the uniforms having such an almost all-white base is that the game is taking place during the day.

Had this been a primetime contest, fans watching could have truly seen the marvelous work that went into crafting these digs.

Nonetheless, these are uniforms that any Bulldogs fan with disposable income should pick up when/if given the chance.